Where’s The Flashlight?

October 28, 2015

I was at my friendsÂ’ house one day, and we were just about to try out this X60Salvia that we just purchased at a local smoke shop. We all sat out on his patio, and started to pack a bowl into his pipe. My friend took his hit, and held it for around 20 seconds, and then blew it out. We waited for a while, but nothing happened…

He said, hey, for your hit, let’s make a waterfall bong out of a 2 liter bottle. I agreed, and we proceeded to make one. We packed a huge bowl, and lit the bong, and let the water flow free. The “chamber” filled up with highly concentrated Salvia smoke, and finally when all the water was gone, I removed the bowl, and took the hit! It was huge, and I barely cleared it. I held the smoke for around 30 seconds, then blew it out slowly. As soon as it was out of my lungs, I started to get… sort of dizzy and numb. My other friend, who was high, said, “Hey look at those dogs”, and apparently when i looked, i said that they were flying. I ran into the house, and started to laugh uncontrollably. It felt like i would never stop. I finally was able to walk into the kitchen, when I was handed orange juice. When i looked into the bottle, it looked as if it was boiling. I reluctantly drank it, but was pleased because I was extremely hot and sweaty.

I went to sit on his couch, feeling the effects wearing off. I thought it was over, and told my 3 friends that. I then took a glance at this fake plant, and suddenly, I knew the trip was not over because the plant grew arms, and tried hugging me. All the other plants started to do the same. This was scary to me, and I buried myself in the couch. My other friend was trying to scare me, so he decided to jump on me, this made me think he was eating me, so I threatened to fight him, although I was in no condition to do so. He goes into the other room, and puts on a hockey mask, but all I could see was Jason there to kill me. I then again proceeded to bury myself into the safety and confines of the couch. It was starting to wear off by then, but I couldn’t think straight still.

So I sat up, and apparently the light from the blinds hit me in the eyes. I flew back down, and laid there for a minute before saying,” who stole the flashlight…” I kept accusing everyone of stealing the flashlight and shining it at me.

It eventually wore off, but I was feeling great for about 10 hours afterwards.
Salvia is amazing.

by Jonathan