Jello & bubbles

October 28, 2015

I had never heard about salvia until about a month ago & even after that was never really curious enough to try it… until a friend offered me a good bit for a cheap price yesterday. I didn’t know much about salvia so I didn’t even think to ask the potency or anything about it really. my little brother, whom is 18 by the way, was the first to try it today. I was of course video taping it. it was just the two of us & a close friend in my yard. None of us had ever done it before so it was a stupid decision to try it alone.

We loaded full bowls & inhaled way more than needed out of lack of
experience. My little brother describes his trip as if us around him were the final judges over his life & we were of course laughing at his slurred words & uncontrollable laughter so he thought we were gonna sentence him to death basically & he was scared for just a minute then it was over.

The friend that was over was next. He is a bigger guy so I guess that had some effect on his trip. Instead of venturing into another world he had the more calm but still extremely trippy experience. He laughed the whole time. After they were done I called up two more friends because I wanted to watch more people before I tried it. I was a little scared. 1 friend said when we were video taping him it trapped him in a box where he was watching a tv show that was explaining what was about to happen next. My other friend just laughed uncontrollably & like everyone else, was constantly moving his arms in awkward motions.

It was me next. I’m paralyzed & contained to a wheelchair but I was smart & transferred to the recliner first. I loaded a whole bowl & cleared it. I almost instantly forgot I had hit it but I was in a completely different world filled with a jello type substance that all my friends were stuck in & I had to help them out. In my head I was walkin around tryin to get them out, but obviously I wasn’t because im paralyzed.

This first trip seemed to last a very short time but it was extremely life like. as soon as we all were coming down we all swore we wasn’t smoking anymore but once your all the way back to reality you realize that its all just in your head so then you become curious as to what else you could experience. like I said before, I had quite a large amount of salvia so we went over to another friends & tried it with all them. Everyone experienced something extremely different ranging from lots of laughter to feeling as if death was calling you.

It was my turn again so I transferred to the coach & my little bro sat on 1 side of me & a friend on the other to make sure I didn’t try to hop up & end up falling in the floor. By this time there was about 12 other people there watching. I loaded another full bowl & cleared it. I’m 115 lbs & trying it for the first time but seriously lacking knowledge of salvia. Again I instantly forgot I hit the pipe so everything that was happening in my head seemed as if it was reality. This time it seemed as if the whole world was turning into a bubble & me & the 2 other people on the couch were the last ones left. I was so scared that I was seriously about to become 1 with the rest of the world. I kept trying to save my friend & brother but I couldn’t. I finally gave up & just went with it which was almost relaxing. We were about halfway into bubble form (waist down) when a male walked up to me & started talkin like charlie browns teacher. He was the only thing not turning into the bubble & even though I didn’t understand a word he said I think he was telling us how to escape because a few seconds later my friend had escaped the bubble & pulled me out & that’s when I woke up back in the real world.

This time my trip felt like hours but it was only bout 7 minutes. After a few minutes of laying my head down to decipher fiction from reality again, we started discussing my trip. the onlookers said I was squirming all over the coach pulling at my friends & the male that walked up to me was probably do to the fact that a friend held a big Jesus painting in front of my face. It was definitely an indescribable feeling. Nothing can prepare you for a salvia trip because it’s always different. It’s not bad though. if you know what your doing & put yourself in the right environment then its almost an eye opening experience. You see life in a total different aspect for roughly 10-15 minutes which sends your mind racing.

Thankfully, it’s not addictive in anyway. I just did it today & although I would try it again, it definitely wouldn’t be on a normal basis. Maybe 2-3x a year. Today has been the most intense day of my life & I think I may have enjoyed it.

by Nannner