Solo salvia slip

October 28, 2015

So today was my first time trying salvia. I decided to go with 20X and solo (with the exception of my dog) and to top it off over looking the Leigh High Valley on one of my favorite near-bye hikes. When I reached the Pinnacle, I just so happened to be the only person up there, clear sky, nice breeze, in the 40’s. I leashed the dog to a tree so she wouldn’t go running of a cliff while I was in the middle of my journey.

Step by step:
I only loaded up about the size of a tsp into the glass pipe, and a few pieces fell through the opening and into the chamber of the pipe.
Then I took the torch lighter (with the pipe to my lips) lit up and took a nice long even drag in.

While I was dragging from the pipe some of the pieces of salvia that were in the chamber came through the mouth piece and ended up on my tongue.

Still holding the smoke in (making sure not to cough or let it out) I realized I was beginning to take a deep breath in, even though I had not let the last breath out, and when I realized this (after already holding my breath for 20-30seconds) I exhaled some of the smoke out of my nose.
Not even a minute could have passed by and that’s when things started to change, but I wasn’t sure or not. All I knew was I had to get away from the edge of the cliff.

The first sign that something was changing was when it seemed as though this leaf in front of me was being pulled from its bottom left corner and being stretched out and then turning black and into a crow/black bird.
Then it felt as though I was looking into a mirror and I could see the left side of my face being pulled/stretched out, and then all the edges of my face became rounded like a cartoon.

After this things got crazy because that’s when I realized I was getting messed up and had to move away from the edge of the cliff, as far away as I could.

All of the sudden it was as if reality had had the ceiling ripped off of it.
I would have to compare it a 2 dimensional world being made aware of a 3 dimensional worlds existence.

I went from being on the mountain to some how outside of the house I grew up in (that I have been to in over 15 yrs) and all I kept hearing/thinking was I’ve been tricked because I’m not actually here, and (I don’t think the drug is known for this but) then I heard my grandmothers voice saying you shouldn’t have smoked that I’m coming to get you and bring you back.

At this time the house I grew up in had three clown faces painted on the outside of the house and where the 1st and second floor met and as the levels of the house separated and opened up I was being drawn into them, but instead of going into the house it was if I was being pulled through the rocks as if the rocks were quicksand.
This happened 6/8 more times each time getting faster, scarier, and more intense.

I felt like I was traveling through space and then some how I was really being transfered back to the house were I grew up.
The last time that this traveling through the rocks thing happened all I could hear/think was, the game’s about to be over, you have to stop it, this went on as I was being pulled through the rocks (sensation) and I started to say no, I’m not going to give up.

I felt trapped between being in and out of body between two planes.
It was a struggle just to hold onto where I was, but I knew I had to because I didn’t know if I was hanging onto the side of the cliff or what was going on.

As I came out of the high I found myself 10 ft from where I had begun and my dog was going hysterical jumping on me and licking my face.
For a moment I was freaked out because all I could think about was the possibility of my potential mortality due to my own stupidity of wanting to go on a journey all by myself.

At this time I had noticed some people were near by but I didn’t know if the had seen what had just happened to me.
So I got a little freaked out, grabbed all my stuff, half aware and half dazed and got outta there.
I ran down the mountain hoping they hadn’t called the cops on me (who knows what they thought I was on) and when I got to my car changed and when I was sure of myself got myself home.

My advice to everyone would be make sure you’re in a safe environment if you’re going to do it.

I will still give it a try again finishing off the 20X someday the whole gram of 40X but only in a safe place, and hopefully it’ll be a better experience.

Needless to say my head is a little bruised up from when I must have fallen over on the builders.

Best wishes if you try it.

by Felipe