The Real Deal

October 28, 2015

I bought half of a gram today. It wasn’t graded as 5x, 10x etc. The guy I bought it from said it was third strongest of four levels,the box it came in said it was strongest of four levels, purple.
I’ve taken drugs before, in the past. A little acid, mescaline, shrooms. I’ve experienced reality as distorted; trails, breathing, i’ve seen everything as divided into hexagons and experienced other distortions of senses and feelings. But I was always still in my usual reality, i could function. I’ve read a lot about vision states; all of Casteneda’s books, Tom Brown Jr., yoga, but I’d never really hallucinated; seen things that weren’t there at all or been taken out of my reality. All past experiences were absolutely nothing compared to this. It was the real deal.

I sat down in a comfortable chair. I smoked most of a joint. I had Roger Glover’s Elements, side one, on the turntable. the tv was on with the sound down. I put a few pinches of powder in a bowl. I took one hit, held it. I guess i took another but before it was done things started happening. My head fell back. Suddenly, like getting hit on the head with a hammer, without the pain, there was a jolt and my room was gone. I was in another scene. I could sort of think but there was no analysing my way out of it. The music sounded like carnival music. The scene was more intense than reality but alot of things were indistinct. I had the distinct feeling I was at a carnival and ‘people’ were gathering around me like i was an attraction, I got the feeling they wanted to keep me there. I didn’t really see people tho. The vague background could have been a carnival booth or trailer. but what I saw was snakes. I didn’t really look any snakes in the face, I just saw rolling snake bodies everywhere, big ones coming towards me, coils of snakes all around me, but still the carvnival atmosphere. This all happened so fast it really blew my mind. I thought oh my god you’ve done it now, this is real, this is magic, or spirits or alternate reality but it’s not funny. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I thought where’s my room and how did all these people get here, is this some kind of traveling spiritual party that comes in a bag, to every one who smokes it? I think I was sitting on the edge of my chair with my hands out, trying to ward it off or feel my room. I don’t know how long this lasted but i started getting a little scared. Not like terrified of physical danger, but nervous like these ‘people’ wanted me to stay, and everything was crowding closer and i wanted to leave. There was no obvious place to go. I think i stood up. Then i thought that if i was in my room there should be an ashtray on the footstool in front of me. I looked around and as i concentrated on the ashtray, it kind of materialized in front of me, from tiny to getting bigger and moving down away from me. I saw it on the footstool, but it was being held up by somekind of decaying hand, and snakes curling up under it. I saw my chair and sat down. Large snakes were crawling along the wall behind the tv. My jeans lying on the floor were rippling with snakes under them. i sat for a few minutes and slowly the ashtray settled on the footstool and things were back to normal. I just said oh my god. my head was heavy and i just sat back for awhile. 10 or 15 minutes later, i lit a cigarette and was able to get up.

I really don’t recommend doing this alone. That’s just the way i prefer to do things. but i was a couple of steps from the top of the stairs. If i had panicked and tried to run, i could have easily fallen down them.
I don’t place a lot of importance on what i saw, but it was interesting that a couple hours after my trip, i came online and found this website. At least one other contributor had the carnival experience, tho i didn’t see anything about snakes.

But the event itself was one of the most profound i’ve ever had. At the time I ‘knew’ it was real. It was a bit disturbing, but now I know what it’s really like; that jolt that just sends you out of one reality into another. I’m antsy to try again, but a little unsure also. It was quite shocking to someone like me, who never ever saw anything unreal before and never lets their imagination run away with them, rational all the way. a real psyche shaking experience.

by Steve