Round two

October 28, 2015

Several hours later, a little after midnight, I tried again. I was in the same room as before. The song ‘Sooner or Later’ by King’s X was playing on the stereo, the tv was on with the sound down. After a few hits from a joint, I put a few pinches of powder in the bowl. I took one good hit and held it in. I set the bowl down and waited. In about 20 seconds the jolt came and things started changing. Some vague shapes seemed to be flying at me from what had been the wall behind the tv. Just before I lost control I turned the tv off. It seemed that the distraction of the ‘real’ tv while everything else was changing, made me feel a little ill

It’s very difficult to describe what happened, but again it was overwhelming. At the back of my mind I knew I was still in my room, but another reality had taken over. Visually, it seemed like another ‘space’ had opened and was filling the room, like some power was unfolding it around me and I was becoming immersed in it. Or you could say it was like my room actually came alive and it was trying to trap me. While the physical structure of the room seemed alive, I was sure whatever it was had a personality and was trying to trap and keep me there. Again there was a party atmosphere, I guess that sense came from my sense of hearing. I was convinced there were personalities there and they wanted to keep me in their party space. I felt trapped and wanted to get away.
Visually, the space was the general space of my room but I couldn’t make out distinct objects, or things kind of blended together. There was a plant next to the stereo that had not been there last time, it gave a sense of growing things to the new space. And things moved, like the walls were alive, not really snakes this time, but like long living tendrils. I was again scared of being trapped. I thought of looking for the tv remote to pull myself back, but i couldn’t find anything. There was pressure on my back, I guess I kept trying to back out of the scene but couldn’t, probably it was my chair. Just before panic set in, I heard a reassuring ‘female’ voice right behind me say, “It’s okay, Steve”. I didn’t recognize the voice; but the only other person who had been in the house that day was my daughter.I thought she must have come back to check on me and found me tripping. I turned around to see the people that had somehow snuck in and past me, and found my normal room. I turned back the way I had been facing and it was my room but it was still alive. Slowly if faded into normalcy. I watched the last tendril get sucked down and I was up and walking towards it as it stopped. When I got to what had just been a long red tendril climbing the wall, I found a cardboard tube with a piece of paper sticking up from the end, in a paper bag on the floor. I sat back down. I was sweating profusely. The room was quite warm but I figure I was sweating from struggling to get away and maybe fear. I was amazed that I had stayed in or on my chair. I thought I would have knocked everything over between the chair and the corner of the room.

Well, it is evident that anyone with a weak mind or will should think twice about ingesting this stuff. The description is only that, the reality is staggering. Instant, total transformation. And you should probably have someone around.
1) audio- Although both times I had music playing, when the trip came on, I could no longer really hear the tune. I was convinced both times that the ‘powers’ had hijacked the music to suit them. The closest I can come to describing it is as the incessant ringing of bells.
2 ) trapped feeling- It seems anything mind expanding doesn’t like to be confined physically. With acid I could function so I liked to get out of the house. So far I haven’t felt capable of navigating the normal world under the influence of salvia.

If you think evil is personified everywhere, you might give credence to the feeling of ‘spirits’ trying to trap you.
I think the obvious explanation is psychological. Fear of flying. You came in the door by smoking, you can’t undo it, and maybe you can’t time your exit. You have to let go. Very difficult for someone like me. < 3) the female voice- I've heard voices before, but they were either mine, or someone in my family, or male. Who was she? If she's real I'd like to find and meet her. It calls me but I'm nervous too. I don't want to stop something that may be productive because of fear. Neither do I want to do something stupid, merely to prove that I'm not afraid. Many people seem to find meaning in their visions, I haven't yet. I should have someone around next time just for reassurance, so I can say 'are you there'? and have them answer.But I'm afraid that will keep me down or bring me back too soon. Also I should try it outside to maybe avoid the confining feeling.

There you have it- the real deal.


By Steve