Prophetic dreams

October 28, 2015

After reading about salvia on Wikipedia, I decided to try. To make it short, I didn’t recognize my own house. Foolishly, I had no sitter, but there was someone in the room with me. I saw a black lady who I call “the oracle” and she was holding the door open between 2 different realities. She knew I wasn’t ready to cross, and she said that she would be here when I am ready. As the trip wore off, she became more distant, but still continued to talk to me reassuring me that she was there if I needed her.

That night I had a dream about a friend and her family whom I have not seen for about a year and a half. She was sad and her family was in distress. The family seemed out of place, as if they were visiting. 2 days later I learn that her father had undergone emergency bypass surgery and spend the night at her house. The odd thing about this is that she lives in Texas, and the family lives in Nebraska. I had no knowledge of the family’s trip to Texas.

Since then I had another dream. Vivid, calm dream. I saw a face. The entire dream was this face. I could see through to her soul. I met this person for the first time the next day. EVERY detail was exactly as in my dream. Her eyes, hair, shirt, smile. We stared at each other when I met her as if we had both seen each other before. In the dream she had a bright, loving soul. When I met this person, the personality I saw in her soul in my dream was just like the impression of her that I got when I met her.

I have had only two prophetic dreams in my life, until now. In the two weeks after smoking salvia, I have had two more.

by Tex