Dots everywhere

October 28, 2015

Well last night I was invited to watch a friend of mine try Salvia for the first time. I brought along my video camera for the occasion. It was only 4 of us in a friends living room. Mark had been drinking, and even though we had heard that you aren’t supposed to smoke Salvia when you’ve been drinking, he took his hit.

Mark was fine for about 20 seconds, but then started saying “Why is this happening to me?” repeating it over and over. Then he walked and crawled all over the couches and chairs in the room. He walked to the kitchen mumbling that we werent real, that we didn’t exist.

Me and my friends were laughing to tears at this point. Mark went outside to mellow out, and then it was my turn.

It was my first time, and so to be honest I was pretty nervous about it. Well I took the hit, and then asked out loud if I needed any more. My friends laughed and said “No…just wait it out.”

So i waited for about 10 seconds and then all of a suddon I felt like I was in a lake. I felt like everything that I touched was soaking wet! I started touching everything in the room saying “It’s all wet in here! We’re all under water!” Then I was down on the ground, holding onto my friend Adam’s legs, because I thought that he was a dock in the lake and I was trying to crawl out! I started seeing dots EVERYWHERE and when another friend grabbed my arm, I felt as though I was being poked all over. It felt kind of like touching your skin to a fork, except it was all over my body.

At this point I was SWEATING like crazy and started freaking out about it being so hot in the room. I grabbed a towel and tried to “dry” everything off in the room including my friends and me.

I WOULD recommend trying it. Just as long as you have at least ONE friend who is sober watching you just in case you need to be calmed down or something. I cant wait to see what I trip out about the next time!!

by Laura