Entire world became three rooms

October 28, 2015

So the second time I did Salvia I finally actually had a trip experience. So I went to my friends house (David) and we sat in his backyard, the six of us and we started to smoke the 30x Salvia. A few of my friends began freaking out and laughing hysterically, and when it got around to me I took a small hit and I found myself joining in with the laughter (although not quite as hard) and I found it somewhat hard to walk upon getting up. Then his dad came home and we had to migrate to my other friends house (Dylan) and we were able to smoke in his room which was good because the heat outside combined with the heat produced from the Salvia wasn’t pleasant.

By this point my good feelings from earlier had worn off. I sat on my friends couch and took a fat hit. In going into the other room I had to hold onto one of my friends (Tony) in order to get to the next room because i was having a lot of trouble walking. I collapsed onto the bed and I had probably the strangest and scariest sensation I’ve ever experienced. Everything became entirely cartoon like and the entire world was Dylan’s bedroom, his bathroom, and his little den. Us six were of course the only ones who existed. Everything seemed to have a circular flow to it as well (I’m sorry if thats hard to explain) and a gorilla mask in his closet became a creature straight out of Dr. Seuss. I also kept on trying to eat my teeth but to no avail. It was probably my scariest experience on any drug I’ve ever taken, I’m not too keen to repeat it, although I did feel very physically stoned which was pleasant, because I was laughing hysterically the entire time, much to my friend Mandy’s annoyance because she thought I was laughing at her because she “couldn’t find the right room.” All I can say is she was tripping balls I’m not going to get into what she claimed her experience was like.

by Antony