A glimpse of what human minds rarely see

October 28, 2015

I am writing today to talk to you about my two experiences with smoking salvia. I am a 23 year old male, and was around two good friends the first time I smoked salvia. Now, I knew this was a hallucinogenic drug, but once the wave hit me and I collapsed through the void, I knew nothing. I had dabbled with lsd and mushrooms on a few occasions, but could never really tolerate the trip or the puking; which I did the only three times I ever ate mushrooms. Smoking salvia was something remarkably different. The first time I ever tried it, I took one big hit, held it in for about 10 seconds, exhaled, laughed and said “nothing is happening”, and then 5 seconds later…… collapse.

I slowly begin to hear every noise start to delay longer and longer. My vision goes completely chaotic.

I can see my two friends staring with great concern on their faces as I slowly begin to melt through the floor. (In the meantime, I am actually sitting still in a chair) I feel an overwhelming concern for the wellbeing of my friend’s lives as I wonder why I have to leave so soon and they have to stay in my mind.
What I’m saying here is that I actually believed that I was waking up from a coma that I had been in for quite some time, possibly years. And as I felt myself melting through the ground, I actually saw the world turn upside down. I saw how every human being was connected to one another and connected to everything; animate or inanimate. I could see the specific points on objects where bundled energy seemed to flow through. I looked at my one friend and he looked as if the perimeter of his body was like that of a cardboard cut out paper doll. The kind you punch out of a piece of pre-perforated paper, and after you punch out the figure there are still those little pieces that remain attached that you have to rip off. Well those little pieces you have to rip off are what I saw surrounding my friends body, but it was flowing only to specific points.

I knew what I saw and what I was feeling, but there was still a great sense of uncertainty. I found myself questioning if my friend was actually still sitting next to me, or if he was placed there by my mind. I felt so many emotions all at once. I turned very sad at one point because I felt as if I truly knew how everyone and everything was connected in time and space. I must say that I was raised Roman Catholic, but consider myself atheist after reaching a certain intellectual point in my life. My feelings of being connected to everything and others during my trip only strengthened my atheist beliefs. I must say that my overwhelming feelings of being connected to everything had nothing to do with any sort of God or deity, but was far greater than that. My trip almost proved to me in a way that there couldn’t be a God, but this isn’t the discussion to get into now.

But I felt sad because I felt as if I was one of the few lucky ones who got to have a glimpse of what human minds rarely see. Maybe its another part of my brain working, or maybe biologically, something is really going wrong inside. Whatever it is, the point of writing this whole experience down is that I find the drug so terrifying and intellectual, that I feel as though only people of a certain intelligence and understanding of the world should attempt to smoke salvia. My experience will lead me to smoke salvia again. I know this. At the end of my trip, I hugged my friend and almost cried because it turned out that I stood up, crouched on the floor and laid down on the ground at some point. My friend held my hand the whole time and talked to me throughout my trip. I actually believed I was in a coma for a long time, and everything I had experienced for years was really false. I was happy to come out of my trip because I knew what reality actually was again. But I was sad at the same time. I feel as though I was actually intellectually and emotionally ready enough for what the drug was trying to tell me, but I had to leave so soon.

All I can say to beginners is this: You need to be absolutely sure you are with friends you can trust to not play around with your trip, i.e. lying to you and telling you they see things when they aren’t tripping. I had a lot of questions to ask my friend throughout my trip and he answered them as honestly as he could. You do not want friends around you who will mess with you while you are tripping. I am warning you now. My trip was so intense that, like I said, my visual, auditory, touch perceptions, everything, changed. You actually leave this world my friends so don’t play around.

I hope to the editors of this website that you post what you can of this experience. I must tell you (the reader, and you can delete this paragraph) that salvia really changed my life. Now I’m 23 years old, I smoked pot for the last 9 years straight. I drink and smoke cigarettes. I’ve dabbled with shrooms 3 times and acid twice. That’s it. Salvia changed my god damn life. I could never see myself smoking the stuff more than once every like 3 months, if not more, but it was such a profound experience that I felt privileged. I was terrified, happy, sad, remorseful etc. Every human emotion possible. I thank you for your website. I hope my experience can be deciphered by some.


by M.G.E.