Small miniature people

October 28, 2015

So I have done salvia quite a few times, I’m really picky about when I do it and who I do it with, but when the times comes along I love to do it. For the most part I just laugh uncontrollably for a few minutes then I start to come down and I’m usually drenched in sweat and my face covered with tears from the laughing so hard. I have never really had a bad trip before.

But the second time I did it was insane! I just took one big hit out of a regular pipe with 10x salvia, counted to 10 and looked to my left where I saw the wall morphing towards me and then through me, I became one with the wall then, as if I was jell-o I melted onto the floor this was all very shocking but nothing compared to what happened next. I was lying on the ground my arms and legs spread out, face up, I looked at my arm and as I was lifting it there was small miniature people about 2 inches tall marching in unison off of my arm one after the other all in a row I was watching in awe. I just lied there for about another minute and started to feel normal again. I haven’t since then been able to get a trip that intense but wow that one was crazy!

by Don