“Waves of unzipping leather…”

October 28, 2015

After reviewing your site, and having tried Salvia for the first time last night, I wish to share my experience.

I first heard about Salvia during a news report on the Howard Stern show. I recently quit smoking pot, and miss it. I was intrigued by the news story on Howard Stern, and looked into the Salvia a little further. Later that evening, I walked down to a local head shop and purchased 1 gram of Salvia x10. I have used drugs frequently through my life, and honestly thought that this would be a simple body high, with maybe some slight hallucinations. I briefly researched how best to intake the Salvia, and decided that my bong would work best. I packed a small bong hit, sat down in my living room in a chair, and turned off the television and stereo. I took a small hit, and felt a slight sensation. I took a second hit to finish the bowl, and before I was able to put the bong down I began to experience some of the most intense trails that I have experienced. At first, I thought things are fine, I’ve done a lot of acid and mushrooms, so I’m mentally strong enough to realize what is happening. The experience then became much more intense very quickly.

I felt an out of body experience, as though I had been transported back to my parentsÂ’ bedroom in my childhood home. I had lost all sense of reality. The best description that I can use to explain is that it was as if waves of leather were being unzipped from behind me, and moved in front of me, one after the other, faster and faster, with each wave freezing in time. I tried to fight my way out of these waves, but as unable to escape. At some point I felt that I was experiencing death, that this is what death must be like when it comes. I believe that I began to fight this, and began thinking that I had just realized the true reality of life. I think that I began saying “no way” over and over, unable to accept what I was believing. The waves of unzipping leather continued on and on. I then finally accepted this reality that I was dying, and began to relax. I believed that I could see the last of the waves of unzipping leather from my peripheral vision and began to prepare for the last wave. I stood up with my bong in hand, and since I was now accepting the fact that life was simply wave after wave of unzipping leather frozen in time, I took the bong and flipped it in the air end over end to capture it in one of the waves. I lied down on the floor, believing that I could see the last of the waves, as the back of my head began to melt into the waves of unzipping leather. I truly believed that death had come to me.

Obviously, after a short period of time, I began to regain my faculties. I must have repeated “Oh my fucking god” a thousand times as I slowly came back to reality.

This was by far the most intense experience that I have ever felt in my life. I was alone when I did this experiment, again having done lots of hallucinogens in my lifetime, I assumed that this would not be a major experience. I live in a 2nd story apartment, and feel beyond grateful that I did not take a leap off my balcony to try catching myself in one of the waves of leather frozen in time. Do not use this without someone present to ensure your safety. I have not been able to stop thinking about the experience since last night. The visual experience most reminded me of an Alex Grey painting.

by David