“Human After All”

October 28, 2015

About a year ago i tried salvia for the first time. It was 10x and all that really happened was laughing and sweating. Me and my friends recently got more salvia this time it was 15x…and way different.

I had been drinking earlier and decided to take a hydro/gravity of the 15x. There were four other people sitting around the table with me. And Infected Mushroom was playing on the stereo. I blew out the hit after about 30 seconds of holding it in.

And the trip began. For a bit everything was black and I don’t really remember any of it. And then all of the sudden I seemed to be ripped out of the reality of what i knew to be true. I was on some sort of spinning convayor belt inside a “human” factory. I say it was a factory based off of the poor lighting and seemingly industrial noises in the background (Infected Mushroom) the people that were sitting around me at the table were in control booths/bots, they seemed to know that this reality was real. And I felt like I realized that life was like this. People in control bots make sure you stay in this reality. And I just ripped out of reality.

My face felt wet, as if i wasn’t completly whole, missing a part of my face. The people in the control bots were acting like this kind of occurance happens that the humans they control figure out the true reality. It felt like they were shoving me back into “reality”, and i remember yelling NO! over and over again. I wanted to stay in the true reality and learn more about it. The “controlers” finally got me back on the convayor belt and everything began to spin in a swinging pirate ship motion.

I began to return to the real world. The after effects were long lasting. And my previous drunkness was overtaken. I no long felt any intoxication…and fell asleep.

by Daniel