First time 17x

October 28, 2015

Me and two friends decided to try Salvia for the first time this Saturday. I did a lot of research on it to see what I was getting into. We decided to get 20x but had to settle for 17x, because the smoke shop had ran out.

We were really nervous about what to expect because sum of the experience we read about were pretty intense. I was picked to go first and packed our bong…took the whole bowl to the head and held in the smoke. I counted to 20 and exhaled, nothing happened so I cleared what was left and waited. I was just about to tell my friends we wasted our money when I was hit me like a freight train.

All of the sudden I hit with an intense wave of euphoria and every thing went distorted. I felt like I was floating and forgot about everything and everyone in the room. I was thrown into a moving river for colors and geometric shapes. I felt like I was in a kaleidoscope as a diamond of color, I remember holding my arms in the air trying to hold the colors as a proper working member of a kaleidoscope shouldÂ… hahaha.

I became more aware of my friends staring at me laughing but didn’t hear them, all I heard was what I could only relate to as the ocean. I was worried my actions were alarming my friends and make them not want to try it, so I tried to speak to reassure them it was so good that they had to try it but I’m sure nothing came out but a few random words. After a few minutes I think, it started to wear off and I was able to gather my thoughts little better. I remember sitting there feeling like the room we were in was free-floating through space, as if I was to walk out the door I would fall into a vast void. Everything had a multicolored glow and everything that moved had the multicolored tracers and I was laughing almost manicallyÂ…

After about 20 minutes the after effects wore off completely and I felt fine. I had an incredible experience and so did my friends who smoke after I had come out of it. We all had a lot of fun and the only thing I was kinda bummed about is that I wish it was longer, and a lil cheaper. We have agreed to take another trip soon with even stronger strength. Have fun and be safe.

by Dezilu