“My second trip was awesome!”

October 28, 2015

My very first time to smoke salvia I smoked just one hit of a tiny pinch of 20x concentrate. I was outside on my back porch with a friend sitting in front of me who was to smoke salvia after me and our “babysitter”. When I took the hit I it was an average hit because I was hesitant at salvia’s strength.

About 10-15 seconds after I exhaled the hit I noticed that its effects were starting to take place. I started to get a sort of light buzz and then what took me by surprise was that my vision through my mind’s eye was starting to lean leftward over and over again repeatedly and then I started to feel these hundreds of pricks (like when your foot falls asleep) all over my body, even underneath my legs. Then I wanted to get more comfortable so I stepped inside my house and directly beside the door was our armchair in which I immediately crashed within it. I seemed to have blacked out at this point or just memory loss but only for a couple of seconds. Next I started to stare at the floral patterns in the armchair’s design and was amazed at what I was seeing now. I saw on everything one of my friend’s face. They were like miniature imprints of his face without hair or body. I saw them on the flower’s pedals, on the reflections off the ceiling fan, and even on the same friend’s face where the imprint came from.

The major part of the trip lasted approximately 5 minutes (although I really haven’t a clue) then after a couple of hours we smoked it again, same amount of dosage and hits. After it took effect I saw my friend’s miniature faces again but not quite as much. I stepped inside right after again but this time I parked myself on the couch next to the armchair and I was sitting up-straight.

My friend took his hit and came inside after about a minute or so and he this time sat on the armchair and for some reason he started to laugh very hard which in turn made myself laugh uncontrollably. We both laughed at each other just laughing for a couple of minutes and then I ended up laughing so hard that I spit on myself a little on my right kneecap. I didn’t seem to realize it for a second until it feels like I have slobber on the edge of my lip. I wiped my mouth again and again never seeming to get it until I realize that it isn’t actually there but just an effect of salvia. Next I look down at my right leg and see the landing spot of my spit but I also see more spit all up my right and left leg as well. My mind started to believe it was actually there and so it made me feel like my whole right leg was wet too. I was very confused so I asked my “babysitter” 3 times if there was spit anywhere but my right kneecap and he repeated “no”. Then the trip slowly started to fade away and turned into anticipation for the next time.

Now I thought that my first trip was the weirdest thing ever but I was sadly mistaken. My second trip was awesome! My same friend and “babysitter” were here and we were sitting out on my back porch again and it was very cold, I was shivering. This time I determined to hold it in as long as I possibly could and about 10 seconds before exhaling my hit I was already feeling it. This time same as the last started out with this leftward turning and suddenly without even realizing I pass out. My right arm is laying on a rest and my head tuck into my chest lying on that arm. Basically what I saw and felt like is Unexplainable to you and even inconceivable by myself but I will try my best to explain it.

I felt like I was in another dimension or realm, I felt like I was still myself but in another life, and all of reality to me became warped as well as seeing it warp before me. I think at the beginning I was my whole self but soon I started to melt into the oil slick beneath me, morphing with it. The setting didn’t really change during the trip, just stuff shifting a little, but what I saw is a mystery to me. Nearly every object or person I saw was a silhouette (I could their basic outline but only black filled their shapes void). I was in a garage with the door open and at the garage door’s frame I saw a small girl figure and an adult male figure holding hands whilst the adult male seemed to be pointing right at me. At this point I was melted in the garage’s oil slicks and my head was on my right shoulder with my hand extending, pointing at who seemed to be the silhouette of the adult male figure. Behind the figures is what seems to be a neighborhood street with houses on the other side. Then there was the setting sun in the background and its light shone all the way down the neighborhood street and through the driveway and garage door opening, peeling around the figures. To the right of the Garage door opening was some sort of house and then beside it were swirling cloud-like formations of blue and black. These images and thoughts were crazy enough but then one more thing happened that later made me really think.

At the near end of my trip my existence and consciousness seemed to slit into two. One of me I had nearly all control of but the other I only had some control and influence on. The voice came out of nowhere but I knew it was myself and it said, “He has to!” It was like I said it but I didn’t at the same time (I know makes a lot of sense). Then the “me” I had more control over replied back, “Why does he have to die?” At this time when words were exchange I was both in the garage as the oil slick and I seemed to be seeing my two friends that were actually there and a third friend that I had seen earlier that night before he departed. When I was seeing these flickering images I seemed to be hesitant to want to come back and I think I started to realize what everything was and started coming back to reality but I didn’t want to, I wanted to stay. Again without even realizing it my head was up and my friend was holding a cigarette in front of me offering it, saying that the menthol will increase salvia’s effects afterwards. I’m not sure of this like everything else I had experienced this night but don’t think I knew who my friends were and where I was and really believed that I belonged to another life. I only felt that way for a second or so but I think this had to do with the fact that my trip seemed to have lasted for hours but really only lasted for about 2 minutes.

Right after coming to I already wanted to do it again because it was the most spiritual and revelating experience in my life and I’m on the edge of my seat waiting in extreme anticipation for the next time.

By Salli’zMan