Definitely worth the experience

October 28, 2015

So I just felt compelled to write my experience for the first time with this stuff. Since I’m a pretty experienced pot smoker, I was kind of expecting the same things, and I was wrong. I bought some of this stuff on the internet and decided, why the hell not, since I can no longer smoke pot due to a job I currently have.

Well I smoked some of the regular foliage, just to take it easy, and really didn’t feel all that much. I decided to pack another bong rip of some 5x and smoked a few hits from that, and I really felt it. I felt more tingly and the roof of my mouth felt kinda funny like I would swallow it if I did it too hard. Well, after I felt a little of that I decided to kick up to some 20x and that’s when I really got it.

Keeping in mind that I thought I just got ripped off so I figured, what the hell. And I’ve never really tripped before. I’ve taken mushrooms once, but never did anything other than pot. No acid or anything like that. Well I smoked and I was covering the mouth piece to my bong and before I even exhaled (I held the hit in for about 15 seconds), it felt like the piece was going thru my hand, or like I was crushing my bong. So I just sat back and enjoyed the ride.

I was on a nice suede couch and it felt like I was sinking in. I had my roommate as a sitter and he said I was talking in slow motion when I looked at him. He said I told him “I just want to lay down” and I did it in a low, deep, stoney voice (not satanic or anything!). Well after I laid down I couldn’t talk for a few minutes… It felt like my jaw was missing, and I couldn’t move it. When I was laying down, I felt like I was watching a television show, and I was watching my roommate on tv. It looked like everything was made of little tiny spinning energy balls, kind of like a blurry television. I was convinced I was playing a game of the Sims (though I’ve never before played the game) and that I was gonna wake up and this really wasn’t my life. I slowly came back and realized I just had my first trip. So I decided to try it again. I laid in my bed, and smoked another big rip of the 20x. I felt it almost immediately after I put my bong down. I sank into my bed and felt like it was a wave of covers, like I was never going to get to the end of it. I rolled around and it just seemed like waves and waves of blankets were coming over me. I closed my eyes and couldn’t tell when I actually fell asleep and when my trip wore off. It seemed almost like dreaming with my eyes closed, but I was still awake for a portion of it.

Personally, I won’t make this a frequent thing, and once I’m out of it, I won’t buy more. Though I prefer smoking other herbs, it’s definitely worth the experience.

by Raymond