My ancient hidden temple

October 28, 2015

So okay. The focus for this story is about my second time not the first. I was so wonderfully overwhelmed that I don’t remember any of it. The next day, alone in the house, I wanted to give it another shot. My spotter was go e for the day, so I just made sure that my bedroom was absolutely safe. Putting on one of my favorite albums, Varelai from Cirque du soleil ( beautiful other worldly sound to it).

I took a hit , set my water pipe on the dresser, laid back to the middle of the bed, and exhaled the smoke.

As I exhaled the smoke made it’s way to the ceiling where it melted away the paint and revealed an ancient hidden temple, a beautiful old dress suddenly blanketed my skin. The girl singing on the album appeared before me, and I understood she was my sister (not my real one) and we walked the temple together, I felt so loved by her and the temple itself, I felt like this was where I belonged. Crowds we passed bowed in respect before us. And she led me outside, to sit in an old rickety horse drawn wagon, and as I sat in it, I could feel myself being drawn away from the alternate world. My “sister smiled at me” and as the wagon pulled away the turning wheels melted back into my ceiling fan. I rolled over and closed my eyes, saw brief images of the temple for the next 30 minutes before falling into wonderful sleep, to wake up 2 hours later feeling revitalized, at peace and beautiful.

It was an amazing experience. And I will do it again, but definetly not too much. I reccommend it to the truth seekers out there.

And say hi to my sister for me.

by Anna