Squirming away

October 28, 2015

Hi, I saw that a lot of people had posted there experience on here and I had a little rummage to find someone that had something similar to mine. I couldn’t find anything so I decided to contribute.

I’m 17 and I experienced Salvia yesterday in a friends house at about 4am. I watched him take it at first, very curious and excited about my turn next. He didn’t feel it to begin with and then he started pulling at his jaw holding it onto his face. His experience removed his jaw from his face and made it appear in front of him. He came back to reality though about 5 minutes later.

My trip was hell of a different after taking my first hit I saw everything fade until all I could see was my friends head floating there and then I was on fire. I started sweating and then my arms raised up as though I was surrendering to something. I then felt an enormous nail go through my left wrist and one in my right and an extra large one through my throat. I could feel it as though it was actually sticking out the back of my neck. It was horrible. I then started squirming away from something. I couldn’t move the rest of my body apart from my legs because well I was nailed to the couch. I was kicking trying to get away from this thing and then I couldn’t breathe. The nail in my throat had stopped a lot of the air flow. I could faintly hear my friends voices in the background telling me not to panic and to just breathe. It wore of eventually but it was terrifying.

Once the hallucination was over i realised i was being crucified. I didn’t understand it and I’m just afraid of what it means because i realise that Salvia can open doors to spiritual dimensions.

I told my older sister about it and she seamed rather amused by my story. She had never tried it before herself and just comforted me and informed me that when your mind is more creative you tend to have stronger hallucinations.

by Erin