Tony’s vortex trip

October 28, 2015

I am a 40 year old male from Boston, and this was my second trip on 10x. The first time I tried about a year ago, it was just a regular kind of mushroom hallucination, 5 minute trip (melting vision) so this time when presented with it, I was playing BF1942 flying a plane, I took 3 large hits and started to play…as i started releasing the hit, the clouds popped out of the screen and from there i had to stand up and grab onto the counter top.. from my ceiling to the floor was a vortex spinning fast to where i could actually feel the “g force” forcing my body to spin clockwise out of control, I remember my friends holding me from spinning,but when i looked forward i could see what looked like a cartoon whirlpool just from out of all my surroundings, it all turned into a cartoonish looking swirl that was spinning and forcefully sucking me down into a small black hole…

I remember thinking this is never going to end,and im going to be stuck like this forever…this isnt what it did to me last time…i tried to say that but it came out in slow moton,and slurred so i stopped talking..but the vortex wouldnt stop and ultimately i wound up spinning and rolling on my floor.

They said my trip lasted around 3 minutes, I only remember bits and pieces but will never forget it !

thank you salvia, my new friend. LOL

by Tony