Blue elves picking blueberries

October 28, 2015

I was introduced to this drug 2 years ago, I tried just the plain leaves and nothing happened besides getting dizzy. Some friends did it again last week with some 40x and they gave me the rest.

Me and some friends smoked it yesterday and only one other person besides me were strongly effected. For some reason having people there that weren’t tripping made me uncomfortable but i got over it.

I took two hits and started to complain that nothing was happening so i took one last big one and held it till i “left” my body. I was no longer part of the world, and as i tried to think of my life I saw it as a story that wasn’t very interesting and i forgot about it. I was myself but in another place. I kept thinking about how I don’t control anything and that there was a godlike being directing what i could or could not do. I just referred to him to my friends as the controller because at the time i didn’t think they existed so i didn’t bother explaining it to them. This controller lived deep underground but my mind was seeing everything from space. A friend gave me a cookie and was wondering why i wasn’t eating it. I wanted to eat it but i couldn’t bring my self do it or anything else for that matter unless my controller allowed it. When I thought of somewhere that I wanted to go I had to ask my controller. He didn’t really say yes or no, but I understood him because I either went there in my mind or not. I had the sense that I was in a lot of places at once and doing lots of things.

The visuals were there but faint, or dreamlike. They looked like colors from the TV show the Smurfs with lots of blue elves picking blueberry’s and random mouths on some surfaces. All those were closed eye visuals. The only open eye visuals i saw were right after I opened my eyes and only for a few seconds. My friend was built out of black and white oval shaped things which I thought looked like ants. The other thing was a fire pit in the back yard, there was only one but i saw split images of it everywhere around the yard. My friends told me the trip lasted for at least 30 min because they all came down half way through mine and actually looked at the time. To me it felt as though I was gone for years and am now in control of myself again with a greatly expanded mind. I could never have imagined what this was like before hand and it was an awesome experience.

I would say it was a good trip. There was only one part at which I was afraid I was gone forever in this new but familiar realm of being. This first thought was quickly forgotten and the rest was a blast.

by Alex