“Maybe she is seeing the devil?”

October 28, 2015

I tried Salvia this very night and I didn’t have a clue what it was, but I have done many harder form of drugs, so I cashed the bowl in one hit and this is where it begins.

I was in a blue hall way on the right wall running and it was beautiful. So many reds and pinks, and yellows circling the blue bubbles. And I am running and running and the colored bubbles turn into students and I am running and answer questions for just a few minutes then I hear a bang and I LAUGH, it’s the funniest thing I have ever heard and I laugh for years it feels like.

Then I hear voices and I am running down the same beautiful hallway on the right side wall now seeing real objects that were sitting on the floor. I try to pick them up and that’s when I notice I am not in Kansas anymore and I panic and start yelling “It’s time! It’s time!”

And then I run and run until I see a t.v. and I can hear real voices, but I don’t know who they are and what I am doing, but I noticed that I am not in reality and I am still panic. I never think I am going to make it back to where I was. So, I hop in the t.v. knowing they would be looking at it. And I see three people and I think I know them, but then I run father into the t.v. and turn around and I am screaming. then I reach them and I see soo many of my friends over and over the same three repeating themselves. And then I start yelling for them and reaching for them. I stop breathing cause I am so scared I will never be back in reality. And the “fake” ones start melting away and I reach out and my friend helps me to my feet and by this time I am so hot and I can’t open my eyes cause all my friends I can see there outlining cells and I know I am tripping still and reality is setting in, but everytime I open My eyes I can just see their cells, but gigantic.

So, I spread my wings and feel the cold air rush under my arms and I hear my friend say, “Maybe she is seeing the devil?” And I yell back at her No, I am so hot and this cliff’s wind is so strong and cold. I love it” Then I fall to my knees and slowly everything isn’t sideways and I hear this ruffled voice coming out of my mouth, but all my friends look super angry and concerned for me. And I look around and I am naked, and scared.

I thought I was never going to leave my alter reality. Then slowly coming to my senses. And I watch the videotape of my seven minute Salvia trip and basically I laughed A LOT, I rolled around and then stripped most my jacket off while twisting and rolling and all my friends are laughing and no one says a word. I kick and laugh a lot. I never talk to any of my friends about the cliff and I am not in a room with a t.v. or anything on the floor…. I start pulling blankets off the floor and throwing pillows.

I looked so happy, but in my alter reality I was joyful, but scared and paniced. I felt like I stopped breathing it was crazy… Every emotion I have ever felt. I was so sweaty afterwards…

by Maureen