Waxed World and The Power of the Mind

October 28, 2015

First off, this was my second time smoking Salvia. I have experience in only marijuana, but I think about in-depth intellectual scenarios and ideas that make me look at the world in a different prospective. If you have a similar outlook, Salvia will bring you the highest level of awareness you can get to.

My first time smoking Salvia was on my friends back porch. I smoked it out of a small glass piece, the pack was not much because I did not think you needed much for it to affect you. The vision was no more then a distortion in color, and a higher power taking over my body, not necessarily complete control but it lasted about 5 minutes.

I was convinced the drug was more powerful. My second experience out-weighs the first without any questions. The reason for this is I packed the bowl with a massive amount of Salvia which could have been easily divided into two bowl packs.

Advice: Salvia will fall through the hole of the piece, I recommend you cover the piece with tin foil and slit holes for the smoke to go through, this way you will not inhale any of the ash.

It is very important when smoking Salvia that you clear the piece with one large, serious hit. Attempt to clear it with one intake. As I said before, the pack on my second piece was massive…I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I started to rip and cleared it immediately because how fast the plant burns. I made sure the smoke was completely cleared and I held it in my lungs for a while. I was beginning to count to 30 at a minimum before releasing…but by around 20 seconds, my vision began to vibrate beyond any control. I started to exhale and the amount of smoke the left my body was equivalent to taking a rip from a hookah.


As soon as I exhaled, I thought I would go through the same process as my first time. The first time I could see clearly, and still interpret everything. This time, it felt as if someone unzipped my body and walked right into my soul and started to control my movements and thoughts. I was trapped… I was on a deck that was elevated (like a step) from another deck. I had a perception that if I stepped down from this elevated part of the deck, that I was going to die, plain and simple. For some akward and strange reason, I believed that my friends house was actually a restaurant.

To let you know, I did this in front of 6 people outside. DO NOT TAKE SALVIA IN FRONT OF A GROUP OF PEOPLE UNLESS YOU TRUST THEM 100%. If you have 6 close friends than that is reasonable, make sure you trust they will not mess with you…It will make you bug out completely.

The 6 people were lined up in front of me, I couldn’t exactly concentrate on someone any longer then a couple seconds, but they became a cartoon like wax figure. There body was melting every time I would stare for a couple of seconds, and there heads were starting to form into the roof of the house (which I thought was a restaurant). It was almost like the longer I stared the more I was killing them or melting them away.

*If your friends take salvia and are speaking clearly and eligibly, then they are not in a intense trip because Salvia disables your ability to speak clearly. If they are tripping at the highest limit, there voice will become high pitched and you will not be able to understand a thing they are saying.

Back to the trip…I could not let them know that they were melting away, no matter how hard I tried. Next, I felt as if the mind power of each had a different strength level. They were lined up and each one kept pushing me to the left with the force of the mind. It got to a point that I believed they were upset that I was allowing them to melt away and this was their retaliation. Somehow…I managed to run off the elevated deck to the other side of the deck where it overlooks a downwards hill into straight forest. The forest covers his entire back yard because he lives the woods. The forest was probably 150-200 yards away and I just stared blankly into them. I believed that the tree’s were trying to relay a message to me, and everytime the wind blew, I would be able to interpret what they wanted. It was much like the movie THE HAPPENING.

Once again, I somehow ran into his house, as soon as I closed the door behind me, the entire house turned into glass where the rest of the group of people could see where I was no matter what. I was just trying to escape and I simple couldnt cause I believed they saw me no matter what I went. I manuevered my way to a couch and just wanted to close my eyes and hide. When I closed my eyes, all I saw was a multi-dimensional shape forming and warping into different multi-dimensional shapes. I tried so hard to get out of the trip, but it was almost like my brain was not part of my body. It was locked and dissassociated from me. I became extremely worried and thought I would be locked in this world forever. I started to take my shoes off so I could sleep and I looked down and they simply were not there…it was just an outline of them. After this, I slowly, extremely slowly… came back into reality.

After you are finished with your trip, this is what you will feel:
1) You won’t be able to put your trip into words until 45 minutes to an hour later
2) You do not want to talk, discuss, or be around anyone what so ever for about 15 minutes
3) You will want nothing to do with Salvia
4) Your body feels extremely happy and you have an enlightened mood for the next 2 hours or so.

Do not take Salvia just for fun in front of alot of people. The trip will go sour and you will be terrified and there is no way to escape it until it wears out which, in my case, took a good 10-12 minutes. You will look at everything in a different perspective after taking Salvia and you will start to understand how strong and powerful your mind can be.

by Alex