First Time with Salvia

October 28, 2015

I’ve been wanting to try Salvia for a while now, and finally ended up doing it a few days ago at my friends house. I was a bit nervous before I took the hit (as I’ve read a lot of trip experiences that seemed pretty frightening, and I’ve never had experience with any kind of substance besides weed). I lit the bowl and inhaled, then held it in for about 20 seconds. Almost immediately after exhaling I felt very different and totally calm. The music I was listening to (“Teardrop” by Massive Attack) was literally flowing across my body. I could see it, and feel it begin on the left side of the room (weird I know), then move into me and continue to the right side of the room. I could swear that the woman singing the song was singing it to me specifically, and trying to tell me something. I tried to open my mouth to explain what I was feeling, but all that came out was a mumble… the “music” or what I guess was the visual manifestation of what I was hearing had run over my mouth and prevented me from opening it. The only way I can describe what it felt like pressing against my skin, was the consistency of crushed glass (not cutting, just gently pushing against me). After about 5 minutes, I came out of it and the effects subsided. The come down lasted about 10-15 minutes and felt great, very peaceful.

One strange thing, is that I didn’t remember smoking the Salvia during the experience. I simply seemed to have all of the sudden been able to feel things around me that I seemed to not notice normally. All in all it was a great time and I am looking forward to trying it again. I went to the smoke shop the next day and bought some 20x (the friend that I smoked with had 10x).

If you are curious about trying Salvia, I would strongly recommend trying it at least once.

by J