Nightmarish Reality

October 28, 2015

I’ve never been much of a smoker. I’ve done pot a few times, but usually when I want a thrill, I stick to drinking.

This past Memorial Day Weekend, a friend of mine told me he purchased some salvia. I was aware of what it was, and had planned on using it sometime in the future. I immediately accepted, and went into his hotel room with him and a few friends of mine. He placed about a cap sized amount into his pipe, and told me to inhale and hold for as long as possible. I complied. What happened next was the most terrifying experience of my life.

The immediate effect was my tongue went completely numb. I quickly began to hysterically laugh, and as I did, I drooled. The drooling, as I heard, was constant. Before my eyes, everyone in the room turned into a cartoonish figure, and then a color. I felt myself being grabbed, and told to go into place. As much as I tried to speak, I couldn’t form words. Everyone quickly became figures, with spaces in the floor where they should stand. They urged me to get into my slot.

Suddenly, I see an aerial view of what was happening. Floating in a completely black state of space was a large story book. It was held up by a large gloved hand, and the hand was trying to close the book. We were standing in place to form a picture in the picture book.

Then I was back in the room. They still urged me to go to my spot. I began to question my very existence. Was the purpose of my life as trivial as a dot of color in a large, children’s book? I then tried to run for my life. As I ran, the walls and floor moved to follow me. I felt as though I could feel the cover of the book closing in on our hotel room. I tried to rush for the door, but a friend blocked it. I asked her in a panic if what I was seeing was real, and she answered “Get in your spot”, and pushed me back. All the other people in the room nodded in agreement, and stood perfectly still. They looked up as the front cover of the closing book reached a 90degree angle. Overwhelming the room, I heard the sound of the figure holding the story book laughing.

I now could see the shadow of the book over the room, and felt the pressure begin to hit me. Tongue still completely numb, saliva flowing down my face, I began to scream. According to my friends, I was shrieking at such a loud volume they thought I was having a panic attack. No matter what they did, they couldn’t stop my screams. I cried out for them to make the trip stop, and apparently began to start praying. After about 25 minutes, I began to come out of whatever state I was in.

This experience was horrible for me. I apparently hobbled around the room for the entire trip, grabbing onto people and knocking various pieces of furniture over. I locked myself into the bathroom, drooled all over everything, and almost got my friends kicked out of their hotel because of my hysterics. Not only did I completely humiliate myself, but it aroused many questions. What if we are just blotches in a big story? I wish I knew how much I took, because it was definitely too much. I’d try salvia again, but never will I do it with so many people around. No one’s ever letting me hear the end of this. Haha.

by Dev