“It just feels right”

October 28, 2015

Hunter S. Thompson once said, “You don’t find acid. Acid finds you when you are ready.” I think the exact opposite philosophy can be said for Salvia. I had done a weeks worth of research, as I do with most drugs before I try them, to learn the history of the drug and what to expect when taking it. I have tried LSD and shrooms, but from what I heard nothing could prepare me for Salvia because of its uniqueness as a mind-altering substance. Needless to say, I was interested and was in need of a new insight or jolt into my life. I was ready.

I purchased 2 grams of 10x Salvia and a bundle of dry leaves. For my first attempt, I decided I was going to smoke it because initially I knew I wouldn’t have the patience to chew a quid for a half an hour.

The Lakers-Magic NBA finals game had just finished and my friends went home for the night. I had just receive the Salvia that day and kind of figured why not now. I pack my bubbler with the 10x while being filled with varies emotions from anxiety to excitement over the new journey. I put on “Great Gig in the Sky” by Pink Floyd because it was initially to be called “Religion Song”. It felt right. I lit up and exhaled the same way I would hit a hooka….10 second went by … nothing …. 20 second went by ….. nothing ….. 21 … 22 … exhale, and I instantly was blown back into my couch by my fan.

A creepy lady appeared (I think the same lady that was singing in the song) she wanted me to come with her to a dark place. I was hesitant at first I said aloud “I am ready”. Darkness succumbed my body, I am pretty sure that I was stuck in time; I laid motionless in the dark. That was until the marching hammers from the movie “The Wall” began walking over my motionless body. Then the hammers had a conversation, which I was listening on. It was a guy and a girl.

Guy- “Should we bring him with us”
Girl- “Where are we going anyway?”
Guy- “Who knows? I have nothing else to do, why not?”
Girl- “It seems like the best option”
Guy- “Lets grab him”
Girl- laughs “We don’t have time”
Guy- “His friend David is ready”

They walked off into the distance as everything slowly came back into view. I could barely move my body, but I mustered up enough energy to touch my face. It felt different, but it felt right. Soon my whole body felt different as my bare skin moved on the couch. I could tell it was coming to an end.

Three songs had passed and I didn’t even notice. Time was completely non-existent during those moments in the darkness, and even though it was frightening….. it felt right. I truly believe I am more at one with myself. My life felt a little bit more centered. As a college student, you push yourself to gain so much knowledge that is factual, but you need to balance that by pushing yourself spiritually. One must understand. Understand what exactly, I am not sure and if I was I don’t think I could put it into words. It just feels right.

I recommend you, reader, give it a try.

by Neville