Such a rush

October 28, 2015

Salvia is illegal in my state but we were on vacation at the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama and we decided to visit the local head shop to check out some of the legal herbs. We were checking out the salvia and decided to go with the 20x.

I barely got a hit the first time we did it and didnt really feel much. Later that week we went back and got the 80x cause I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. My friends let me get greens on the first bowl and I took a huge hit. I held in the smoke for about thirty seconds and didn’t feel anything. My friend Brad encouraged me to wait for it and as soon as he said that the room flipped completely sideways. All of a sudden I was in a completely different chair with my arms flailing. My left arm looked like it had detached from my body and was coming out of Brads head. Then things got pretty messed up. The walls started to fall down on top of me and my vision completely left. My friends said that I ran out the back door and onto the beach, although I have no clue how because all I could see were my thoughts collapsing down on top off me. The next thing I remember I was under the house on the carport leaning on someone’s truck. The truck started to vanish into this strange vortex towards my minds but couldn’t get a good look at where it was going. When I say the truck disappeared I dont mean the image of the truck but the entire idea of a truck vanished from reality. Next I flashed back into my apartment and i saw my dog, my home, and my friends collapse on top of me into nothing. I had this feeling that my entire life was something like the Truman Show and all of my friends and family were just hired actors. Then I looked up at the sky it was completely black (this is at 2:00 in the afternoon) and I saw faces resembling the comedy/tragedy masks looking down on me and laughing hysterically. I pleaded with my friends, trying to hold on to the life that I once had. I felt like my entire life was just a cruel form of entertainment for some extraterrestrial being. When my vision finally came to I was at the top of the neighborÂ’s driveway across the street and one of my friends was running towards me with a horrified look on his face. It was a terrifying experience, but it was such a rush. I have not done salvia since, but next time I get my hands on some I will definitely try it again.

by Jim