First Time Experience

October 28, 2015

I ordered a salvia sampler pack ( 1g 5x 1g 10x 1g 20x) and some foliage which I have not tried yet. I followed the recommended usage after reading extensively about it and started with a small hit of 5x in my bowl. Now I have tried all kinds of mind altering stuff in my life, i.e.- acid, shrooms, microdots. And I am an ex-smoker of MJ for a long time, which I had to quit due to my job.

So I sat down and took a deep hit and held it in for 30 sec. I dont exactly remember how long it took (maybe 5 sec), but it hit me like a wave. I was thinking… this is not what I thought it would be,would be,would be,would be,would be…., and I began to panic. My body felt like it was being squeezed from top left to lower right, in a pulsating motion, slowly, kind of like I was going thru a wringer. It felt like I was tripping on acid ALOT, and it was very strong, like I was in a dream. I walked outside for air, and quickly sat down and tried to enjoy it while it lasted–5-10 min. then very slowly faded. I will adjust my dose smaller next time, and will give you the following advice. Its not like MJ, where you smoke and go out and do something, or smoke and hang with friends, or golf like I used to. You NEED to be inside sitting down, with nothing going on, preferrably late. You will not be functional, and the after effects are like being high and they last for at least 20 min. I am looking forward to my next hit later tonight, a MUCH smaller hit than I did earlier. The grams seem small, but you really dont need alot. Please be careful and have fun.

by Pauly