Salvia tripreport

October 28, 2015

I’ve never had psychotropic experience before, canabis doesn’t count. So, my friend found out about salvia and we decided to try both cuz he was advised never to take salvia alone. We got it and came to my place. I didn’t believe much about things my friend told about salvia. I was assured that it was going to produce effect as somewhat canabis does.

We organized all necessary accessories for smoking and sat on the floor, having agreed that at first one smokes, the other watches, then on the contrary. We all got ready, I lighted the plant, my friend took a good drag, then a couple more. He went so joyful and began to squeal it’s so good, drag it now, nothing bad will occur. I didn’t think twice and did what he had said and sat on the floor leaning my back against the wall. I felt pretty good for the first moments.
The next scene that I saw was my friend was standing over me saying that everything is gonna be ok, don’t worry. I was overcome with fierce panic. I was telling that we must get out of here as quick as we can. I was afraid very much that I would go to the balcony and jump down to die. I felt as if some unseen power was about to bring me to the balcony and thow me down. I almost reconciled myself to my death. I agreed that I was doomed to stay forever in that twisted reality and it was so unusual, even tactile sensations were quite different. Nevertheless I fought for my life, on my ass I drag myself across the room to the front door away from that hideous balcony. I was going to get outside, I wanted to press myself to the ground so that on one could throw me down from the height. As I was moving, I was even affraid that I could fly through the open window. When I got to the entrance my friend succeeded in comforting me and persuaded me to stay at home, yet salvia almost let me go, luckiely its effect didn’t last long.
Despite my bad trip I entend to smoke it once again. I am sure it will help to know me better.

by Vadim