Salvia Trip Report

October 28, 2015

I believe the report I am giving you is of the first time I tried Salvia extract. I don’t remember how much the extract was. I bought the Salvia and got a hitter pipe. I went home and decided to smoke the extract in my room. I loaded the pipe and smoked it. I noticed it was extremely harsh on the lungs. I held it in. I think I only took a couple of hits (1 or 2). It felt it hit quick. I got a rush through my body and had to lay on the bed. It felt like I was rolling (not like on ex, but actually rolling like a barrel). I knew intellectually that I wouldn’t fall of the bed, but it felt like I would at any moment. Then at some point the hallucinations set in. Let me explain the lay out f my room. My bed is on the south wall. It faces the north wall. On the opposite wall in both corners I have boxes stacked up for when I eventually move. The boxes looked like cars and the walls of the room turned into an alley. The “cars” were outside the alley in the street. Then all of a sudden I am on the hood of a car driving down the highway. I come out of the hallucination (this was the first real hallucinogen I ever took). I still felt the effects for some time afterwards.

Salvia enhances sound and physical touch. Along with hallucinations (which I didn’t always get), I did get strong closed eye visuals. It also had an aphrodisiac effect on me.

by Brian