Total insanity of the highest degree

October 28, 2015

First time, unplanned…

Was casually given some salvia, enough for three of us to do, we went outside into a caravan i had in the garden, put on a tune and i put the pipe to my mouth, after breathing in i held it in for as long as i could. When i exhaled i watched the smoke leave my mouth, it quickly turned into clouds then promptly from behind me i heard a raging stormlike wind come over and engulf me, my head fell looking down to my knees, at that point i totally an utterly lost my mind like nothing i ever imagined was possible, i heard no music or voices, i dont know or feel my body, everything was so red and purple and unrecognizable but was like i was watching my self in some kind of jelly forest, i don’t know wether my eyes were open or closed or even what eyes where…

It seemed to last for ever, i lived in a place, alone almost watching what ever it was from the sky, it was all i knew… soon i heard a voice my brother calling me, i could sense him in the place but didnt understand who or what he/it was. my “body” or the only physical thing i could feel was a wretched twisting and stretching, like being pulled and pushed, i still had no body and wasn’t consciously breathing or knowing what air was, at some point i must have opened my eyes, (if they were closed), and saw what looked like another place, it was twisted and unreconisasble, it was (the table next to me), at this point i felt like i had done something really bad, i didnt know i smoked a pipe but felt like something awful had happened to me, like what i imagine a teleportation disaster to feel like…. i saw my friends face and wondered why he was there, then i guess i kind of ripped or tore through some kind of reality crack in whatever dimension i was in, i didnt know if it was upside down or what shapes were, it sort of felt like i was a dead body, like a genetically made being that had suddenly had a mind injected into its neck and then suddenly and rapidly taking everything in for the first time, i had no concept of a mother or father, a planet or anything that exists in our reality, i felt so close to death and i only had a tiny flake like piece of life, i fragment of perception lost in total insanity, no rainbows or bunnies, no fear and loathing visuals just total and utter despair and confusion.

At some point everything was all gold and sparkling, i began to realize that i came from this place it was almost familiar, it was a bit like when neo sees the matrix but all gold and flickering at super speeds, i then saw my friend spinning like a windmill in the caravan, (he did a pipe just after me) i suddenly realized that i was on a utter mind bender and felt the need to help him, by grabbing him, locating a door, after this it took about an hour to put the pieces back together, during this time i felt broken and lost, and tripping my tits off like a heavy mushroom trip, not so much visually but like nothing made any sense, i have a sound recording of the experience and man im glad to be home, it took about a day to come back properly, i only just realized that there is a place called a egypt and it actually exists, and i’m not kidding…. heavy heavy stuff, probably just going to stick to weed every now and then.

Bloody hell..

by Benjie