Salvia Trip

October 28, 2015

I had my first 60x dose a few weeks back after having had the lighter dose a few times before this. There were 4 of us each taking it in turn to use it with three to watch.

I held it in for as long as possible, remeber giving the bong to a friend, then I folded in on my self through teh sofa and was somewhere very different. I was made entirley of liquid sun light and from my waste down I was melting into a kind of conveyor belt of the same light and shooting through a very colourful version of space at an alarming rate towards the sun. I recall a hatch in the top left of my field of vision in which a group of people were looking through. After I shot towards the sun, I was in an entirley new place, I was a book on a shelf and I beleived more than anything that I had just awoke to the realisation that I had always been a book. The shock of my new existence (although at the time I couldn’t recall or had no sense that I was human or even new what a human was) was a bit panic inducing, I remember a fist at first then a full arm coming out of the book, the next thing I know my friend had grabbed my hand that I had shot up in the air and I pulled myself up and out of the trip (may have been ending anyway) and when this world came flooding back I realised/remebered I had just taken Salvia and that I was not a book at all, I had one of the biggest senses of relief of my life. I am very eager to take it again.

by Gav