Salvia Story

October 28, 2015

It all started when my friend Paul called me up and and told me he was outside and he had something that i just had to try. I took a hit, held it for about 20 seconds and blew it out. Then….idn wtf happened next. I was trying to talk (about idn wtf what) but i couldnt even. My lower lip was just not working. lol. I started drooling in my attempt to speak and that made us start laughing hysterically for some moments. Then, by this time, my trip had intensified X10.

I guess after that I was at the peak, so I literaly didnt know wtf was going on. I dont even think I knew I was existing for a few seconds. I was just slumped in the backseat of the Jeep and for some reason I thought it was a spaceship or something. But a really scary spaceship from out of a scary space movie. lol. I think I got that impression from the gold lights combined with the dark interior of my boy’s car. Plus I couldnt see + compute thoughts, but I just kept laughing all the while anyway.

I look up and I couldnt even see shit anymore. Well I could but everything was just squigly lines, like zig zags. Wierdest thing ever. Never in my life has my vision ever been impaired like that. I couldnt see shit, so I was scared for that reason. Plus the fact that I didnt know wtf was going on. I just kept laughing though. I heard my friend laughing and that REALLY made me start laughing. I was laughing at full laugh capacity.

So I’m starting to come back to senses now and I’m trying to make sense of whats going on. But I just kept laughing hysterically w/ my friend. I was seeing him as the father of the Universe when I looked at him. Only because he was the only person I recognized and it was comforting to have someone familiar next to me. So in my state of mind I was basically seeing him as a God. lol. And later he said he saw me as an old fashioned gangster from the 1920’s. lol, because I was wearing a black blazer.

I was also seeing him Kermit the frog the lol. After that my other boy said he had to go, I understood that. So as we’re trying to leave his car, my friend Paul cant find the door handle, and failed completely at getting out. So me and him just fell into a deep laughter that lasted about a minute on and off. So we finally get out. And my friend from his car is saying peace. And he starts his car up and it cuts out on him instantly. “oops” he said.

This made me and Paul nearly die of laughing. We each dropped to the ground. lol. And then, just when we think the laughing is over, my bald neighbor comes out I guess to see what all the commotion is. He then decides to do something that could never be seen as funny (unless on salvia) which was to move his garbage bin into better position. He does it, and it made a noise against the gravel. For some reason that was funnier then anything I’d ever witnessed or heard. So I fall face first into a mound of snow laughing. Paul dropped as well. lol. Shit was so funny for some reason. And then this guy is just staring at us with his hand on his hips like as if to say “wtf”. I didnt want to be rude, but I found that funny as well so I started laughing at him right in his face.

At that point the high pretty much subsided and me and Paul chilled for another 5 minutes and parted ways.

by Michelle