20x with two friends

October 28, 2015

I went out to this meadow with two friends to try salvia with a bong. I had tried this the night before and didn’t see anything, I just felt slightly off. We were supposed to take turns sitting each other while smoking x20 bought from a local headshop. I went last.

One of them went first with a small bowl, and began laughing a lot and sliding up and down his chair. Everytime he tried to stand up he said something was compelling him to sit. He told me to stop tapping my foot because I was tilting everything.

Next, the other guy took a slightly larger hit. He was rocking back and forth on his bench when he suddenly got up and walked around. He was tripping over branches, and walking with his toes without turning them when he changed directions. We were careful to let him dance around, but close enough incase he fell. Without warning, he started saying he was in a funnel, and that everything was falling to the right. Our physics major friend began telling us that the real him was a point in the universe, absent of any dimensions. Just a mathematical point. He was leaning to the right a lot by this time, and we were very worried he was going to fall. While he was explaining this, he began hopping on his left foot towards his left direction. Then he broke into a half-sprint jumping sideways towards a tree shouting that he was falling, but we caught him in time. He kept twitching and exlaiming how surprised he was that he tried to run into a tree until his trip ended.

I went next. I had previously underestimated the power of psilocybin from magic mushrooms, but the experience from yesterday was such a let down that i packed a full bowl of salvia, which was probably a good quarter of a gram. It took me two hits to finish it, but by the time i finished the second I was lucky to be able to set down the bong. I could feel reality as this thin fabric I was standing on, and it was ripping. My friends and then forest lost their signifigance and began to melt away. I felt as though everything was “themed” in some way, the same way that Willy Wonka is candy-themed.Everything was being flattened, and the meadow began to look like a mix of alice in wonderland and avatar. Either way, it resembled some kind of animation. I could see the sun shining through the trees, and it revealed a liquid and golden trail for me to follow. I got up for a second, and then I really began to trip. One thing most people seem to feel during salvia is this “current” that pushes them around. You are not in control of your actions.

I was flat, and could not move any part of my body. I took this opportunity to look at my environment, and realize that I have been constantly saying “dude” in panicked voice to my friend since the trip started. He just kept smiling as though it were a huge joke, then the other guy was smiling at me too. Everything was smiling at me, and then everything went still. It felt like time stopped. I look down, and there is a little smiling train, like out of “the little engine that could” or something driving around on the bench. I lifted my coat so that it could drive on through. I kept watching it, which made me saw what my friends were doing. We were seated in the shape of the letter E. Suddenly I realized that from the start, I was being flattened into an old storybook, the kind that has giant decorated “E’s” in it. Every once in a while the E would break out of sync, and I would have to slide up and down my bench to balance it. I could understand what my friends were saying, and I was beginning to fight the trip. It seemed that my trip was more real and important that whatever was going on back in my world, so I ignored them. I tried to find the train again, but I couldn’t. I was a train conducter, how am I supposed to explain losing my trains? Then all the benches and people arranged into the shape of a dish rack. They didn’t actually move in my vision, they just felt like they “sank” into a picture or pattern. The black part of people’s jackets formed knifehandles, and the blue parts formed plates. I could’nt look outside the frame of the dish rack, and it became the dish rack universe. I couldnt move certain parts of my body in certain directions, it felt like someone holding on to me. Troops and castle guards began to walk over my friends and the benches, but they were tiny, like ants. They were shouting, but then my trip ended abruptly and it turned out the shouting was my friends asking if I was ok.

I did salvia again later with my girlfriend, and this is where I feel I have to place a warning. I did this indoors, and it felt like the window was a door into a magic world, like Narnia or something. I kept trying to fight myself from walking to it, but then I kept forgetting why. I couldn’t tell her what was happening, and I’m sure she just thought I was just exploring and tripping. I was just dragged to the window, and I grabbed on to her blanket which was right by the window to stop myself from falling horizontally into the window-portal. I unlocked the window and got up on one leg when the trip ended. My girlfriend was not strong enough to stop me. Remember, trip with more than 1 other person with nothing dangerous in range. My other friend threw stuff at me and got aggressive while on hallucinogens, so make sure who ever is being seated can be subdued by everyone else. Because they certainly don’t lose any strength or speed. I’m not sure how synchronized trips are with reality, or how often they repeat themselves, but evidently I was telling my girlfriend to give me my train back.

by Benet