Salud to Salvia

October 28, 2015

Salvia….. wow…. to put it more on a better note _____ CIWYW. Well my first trip taught me a LOT, to say the least. In my eyes, or whatever it was that was sensing what I was sensing, Salvia, teaches one (rather taught, me that is) that control is something we as Humans, do not truly and totally have. I see in all this Art, this glory; beyond our grasp, yet within our destruction, salvia showed me the art.

The knack of life is accepting death in my eyes, few though don’t get it. Salvia, when I came back from the trip, showed me that life is the art, and what we do in it is artificial and repetitive. Practically 0% originality yet it showed me a diviner side in myself. After the trip, the next day, the whole point of my being, actually the very existence of existing could be tasted more clearly.
Dying in my eyes is now an art form in a sense, and I speak not to say this in any fanatical form. Salvia showed me the side that in my sense(s) is waiting to be a part of the individual in each and everyone of us whether we like it or not.

Salvia removed the blind of systematic use of knowledge or skill in making of doing things, and just showed me how it is to be, just the is. After my trip, and I plan to have a bit more, I saw the look that weaves amidst the masses like RADIOS blasting out Repeated All Day In Order. Salvia, showed me, and then rolled me, literally, into it’s world of whatever it is that salvia can induce on the sense of being, even called a sense, if that makes sense.
Our knack to use the imagination in the production of things deemed of beauty, in an already beautiful world, was destroyed, the mirror image, in a sense left me folks, beyond, beyond.
Artfulness is life, many are trying to trick it, or rather, enjoying the trick they think they are running, yet have been running in others footsteps, for a long long long long…. time.

Now on to my trip…
I had ordered a batch of 20x salvia. The batch came in it’s static free bag and it was opened for sometime, say like 2 days.

This was my first time on salvia and I had not read up on it (Definitely did read up on it after), and thought it would be like everything else I’d sensed. Yeah right.
I went over a friends house, the next night, and we pull out a steam roller. Funny thing to was we had brought a blunt but I don’t even think I dabbled even once in it, that’s how pulled the salvia got me.
So yeah, I’m sitting right, in my friends kitchen, LIGHTS ON FULL, (Next time we’ll keep it dim), and I’m sitting there ready to take my hit. I take it… hold it about 30 seconds… then….

If words are a bastardization of reality then these words shit, shat, and ran on this story. You see. the moment I released the Salvia, things (Life rather) jumped onto a WHOLE ‘nother plane. It was like someone had came up blindsiding me from all angles and just distorted everything. The stories I read nowadays about the loop. Almost like a loop of repetitive death. I saw it. It was like this is cool, but now, get me the fuck out of here. To think that such a thing exists is beyond, but still, the story continues.

Now you see, at this point I’m internally, not externally, phreaking out. My sitter told me I was like in a catatonic trance, then at some point came back. Now this is when shit got crazy. My sitter now goes and takes a hit. The only thing I’m thinking now is, fuck make it stop, make it stop, but it wont. These almost weird left to right/ right to left invisible waves are, running, rather raging through me, yet I don’t know where, why, or what to say for it. Not only that my boy now is saying he’s feeling the pull, and I mean these are out of body/otherworldly pulls that are… BEYOND ME.
I can’t say much on my friend, but when it all was coming back the whole thing seemed as if I had died and then, click…. on goes the light, restart. The next day, I was almost mute for much of the day, but one could actually just enjoy, the moment. The being of just being.

I plan on taking it again and telling of more, but in my aspect, salvia showed me the ultimate thing about life. When you think you can control, you can’t…. Plain and simple. Salvia, is not about control, it is in my senses, stepping into the other sense that waits for one, perhaps on other astral planes…..

by MnLxco