Out of this World

October 28, 2015

This was a pretty crazy trip, but I was, for almost the entire thing, aware that I was tripping. Still, I allowed myself to be caught up in it, and for a little while I actually thought it was real.

Two friends and I had had smoked K2 earlier in the night, and it was starting to wear off so we decided if was time for something different. We packed a full bowl of salvia and walked down a deserted sidewalk that went into the woods by our dorm. We lit the bowl and each took about 4 hits, then started walking back to our room. As soon as I started walking I noticed that my body felt very heavy. I was swinging my arms a lot, as if my hands were lead weights on the end of two wires. I looked ahead and saw a lamp post, and was utterly captivated by the light. I could not look away, and as I got closer I noticed what looked like ripples emanating from the center of the light. I immediately knew that I was seeing the waves of light, but later realized that this was a much more significant event.

We passed the light and walked along the sidewalk. I was up on the curb and felt as if my head was about a mile above the ground. My body was nonexistent; I was simply a head, floating above the ground. As we climbed the stairs to the room, I got the feeling that I was flying. My field of vision could not move quickly; it was like looking out the front of a plane as it banks and turns. Darting my eyes didn’t help this; I simply felt like I was banking more sharply. We got back to the room but I could not stop walking. I felt as though I was actually flying, and if I stopped moving I would stall and crash to the ground. So, I began walking in a figure 8 pattern in a small section of the room. I decided that I needed more space to fly, so I left the room and started walking around the suite. When I got outside I noticed that everything looked different. Every surface was covered in a carpet of purple and lime green stripes, and everything was vibrating. The stripes were alternating between green and purple, and the colors were especially bright around the edges.

By this time I was completely out of this world. I thought I was a flying alien creature, sometimes light blue and sometimes green like the walls. The creature was like a cross between a lizard and a bat, and it didn’t have any legs. My head was the creature, and my body was just a field of energy beneath me. I was completely disconnected from it; it was an entity all on its own, and yet I could communicate with it and get it to do what I wanted. It was a symbiosis of sorts; we could not live without each other. Furthermore, the energy field enabled me to fly, as if it were a heat thermal beneath my wings, giving me a constant lift. I controlled the direction of travel, and it kept me up. I “discovered” all of this about my new body, and wanted to put my knowledge to use. I flew around out suite, exploring this new “jungle” where I had been magically transported. But not long after I started flying, I felt this force drawing me towards the corner. I realized that this was a tractor beam that pulled me into a docking bay, where I stayed the night. I fell asleep there (in my trip, not in real life), and when I awoke I knew that the army had pulled me over for flying too fast. I was allowed to leave but they made me join the army, which wasn’t too bad since there wasn’t any war or crime or anything. All I had to do was pull people over who flew too fast, and in return I could fly as fast as I wanted, all the time. I was pretty happy about this, and went to tell my friend back in the room, which I made into my command center. I saw him sitting on the couch but I was flying too fast to sit next to him. So I grabbed my sunglasses off of the desk and put them on. The sunglasses acted as “deccelerator flaps”, and enabled me to hover in one place without stalling and crashing. I went over to him and told him everything about flying around and joining the army, and how we had to go on an adventure or I would get kicked out of the army.

He seemed like he didn’t understand me, and I suddenly realized how we had gotten transported to this world. I began to explain to him how we had been scientists at the Large Hadron Collider, and how we had fired up the machine while there were two unknown particles present. This caused a new, microscopic world to be created. This world looked like a beam of light travelling in a figure eight pattern, which created two separate spheres that were joined through a central point of concentrated energy. Each of the two spheres was a planet, one of which was made of mass with no energy, the other made of energy but no mass. I was a creature of the mass world, and my body was a creature of the energy world. We lived in harmony in the mass world because the energy was able to travel through the central point that connected the two planets. Somehow, when these worlds were created, he and I were sucked into them, but he didn’t know yet. He still thought he was in the human world. I tried to get him off the couch so we could go do army work but he refused to move. I then proceeded to explain to him how he was fading into his environment and becoming one with it.

I ventured back and forth between the room and the hallway a few times before coming to rest on the couch with my friend. We were playing Led Zeppelin over the speakers in the room (I think it was “The Rain Song”), and I started phasing between the mass creature and the energy field that was my body. I eventually became completely aware of my body; I interpreted this as my consciousness moving into the energy world. I closed my eyes and instead of seeing the purple and green mass world, I saw the energy world. The universe was a blank white space, and all of the trees and people were beams of light swirling around each other. It looked kind of like when you wave one of those neon glow sticks around really fast. I sat there and “saw” all of this (with my eyes closed) and listened to the music. I remember Robert Plant’s voice explaining everything to me through the song, but he wasn’t singing the words to the song. He was explaining to me how the human world was aware of our existence, and how we were experiments. The people at CERN knew that we would fire up the machine with the unknown particles in it, and wanted to see what would happen. Our consciousnesses had been transported directly to the energy world, and then, in an instant, we knew that we had to go to the mass world and find an appropriate partner or else we would all die. Then our consciousnesses were sent to the mass creatures.

As Robert Plant told me all of this, I started to end the trip. I became more and more aware of my body, and more and more aware that this entire scenario was not real. I opened my eyes and saw nothing spectacular, but I was incredibly relaxed and had a nice marijuana-like high going. All in all, the trip lasted about two hours, although it felt like about four years (I specifically remember telling my friend that the Large Hadron Collider went off four years ago, and we had been on this planet ever since). It was an incredible experience!

by Taylor