Salvia divinorum experience

October 28, 2015

Im a Venezuelan from Caracas that lives in London, and one of my best friends is currently in Bogota, Colombia. A while ago he asked me to do some salvia while we we where on skype all across the planet, so the day came and we did it yesterday. Summarizing the whole experience in a very short statement, It was mind opening, very sensorial, difficult to control but at the end It was an extremely clear, useful and reviling experience.

I must introduce everything by saying that I have taken salvia plenty of times and that I have had a very wide range of kinds of experiences. It is important also to say that this time I kept my mind open and relaxed after the classic 4-6 minutes of absolute Salvia-like-Reality and I discovered that the trip actually lasts WAY longer that what I thought… It seems to be important no to “fight” to return because in this time the experience revealed the most of its relevant information in the “aftertaste” of the trip. I used smoking as a method for intoxication with a very large Pipe that gives a very sharp and long drags. So I loaded a big full chunk of Am-Hi-Co Salvia 10x with a bit of Cannabis and smoked it in one go. I did two separate trips in a row and the whole experience lasted around 30 minutes. It drove me trough very different states of consciousness with very clear hallucinations, some blackouts and ultimately it lead me into a stage of awareness in which I was able to ask cuestions and recieve clear answers from an entity that will be very hard to describe.

The first trip started immediately after I hit the pipe as usual and the first thing I said was, “What are we going to say to all this 6 pepole?”. It is important to mention that in all my salvia experiences I have always felt VERY STRONGLY the presence of other beings. I can see them, but more importantly I can feel them and almost experience some of their thoughts and intentions. It relates to a sensation that I normaly feel while on Salvia that I was finally able to explain to my friend. I feel that I appear in a complete different reality, but it works as if im placed in another consciousness, another area of space-time. This new “position” includes the awareness of it, some the history behind it and parts of the memory of that “being” that I was uploaded into. Its is as if I had already information in my brain of the “place” where I was and who I was, as if I knew the rules of that place and the only thing that seems to be foregin to me is whatever impulse I recieve from this earthly reality where my body is placed.

In this first experience I saw a coast-like town in front of me, blending with the reality of my computer, my pipe and my friend. I could see details on how the ocean was arriving to the coast and the whole perspective was like from a little port where I could see the other side of the shore of to the town. I saw six people behind me that I knew that they where my family in that place and somehow remembered that they where shrimp fishermen. All the light of the place had a particular filter (kinda pink-ish) and the image had the contrast VERY exagerated… The voice of my friend used to “interrupt” this reality and I started getting confused when trying to reply to him… he seemed to be outside of that world where I was.

The vision of computer and the pipe and my friend where confusing me a lot and I entered in a weird state that I cant explain properly. I think I blacked out a little bit but I seemed to be enjoying some views or thoughts of some sort because in the recording of the audio I made you hear me saying loads of “Wooooows” and awe-like expressions. I dont remember very will this moment. Distances and time where dilated considerably and It was difficult to make out what was happening at this stage.

Throughout this first experience I made the mistake of trying to fight the trip while explain to my friend what was happening. So as soon as I regained “earthly” consciousness, I loaded the second pipe and eventually entered into a state I had never been before. The entrance of this second trip I cant remember very well. At the beginning, I felt very confused and initially I seemed to have been transported to a situation in which I was working in the building of a railroad track. I seemed to be aware of something heavy moving fast and near me, I felt pressured and the voice of my friend felt as if it was hurring me up. I started saying “I feel that everyone is in a hurry, I feel that all is in a hurry”. After this feeling I was placed in a situation in which I was experiencing this “movement” through states of consciousness but in an iterative fashion… The landscapes where changing by slowly fading away into different ones.

The theme of the night seemed to be beaches and seafronts because I seemed to be traveling along “awarenesses” of different kind that where located in different beaches. This time, the hallucinations had no light filter and everything was very clear and the images where very vivid but made in wave-like patterns. They all felt like super 3D memories with more sensory data. You could almost see that the electromagnetic medium is made of waves interacting. These different landscapes of beaches where changing and I could see them very three dimensionally. Movements of my head would show me different parts of the beach and by moving my eyesight I could see wherever I wanted to. It is important to mention that this was happening both with open and closed eyes.

And from here on I entered into a wonderful and brief state that I had never experienced before. In the middle of this ever-changing landscape I started describing to my friend that these changing scenarios felt like as if I was aware of everything and everywhere at the same time. While I was explaining this I saw countless images and also sometimes just pitch darkness (all this blinking very fast)… While I was explaining this to him, I suddenly stopped talking and focused my view on a sort of fountain of light that had very bright “asterisk-like” (*) figures that where made of white light and where floating around. I seemed to be able to communicate with this figures in a language that was not spoken or thought, it was felt, and the ideas where flowing very clearly between us. The figures said: “We are the ones you have been waiting to ask questions to”, to what I replied: “Yeah, but you could also be a product of my imagination”… The figures just said: “You have to decide then”.

In a blink of a second I decided to accept this as reality. There where a LOT of ideas flowing and I was ultimately accepting the hyperdimentionality of reality. I could feel layers and notice boundaries and everything was sort of transporting me through different ideas and places at the same time. These asterisk figures where present and they where still communicating with me. I saw very quickly a set of different kinds of consciousness revealing in front of me and there was always the question in my head if this was real or not. I regained control and turned to focus all my mental powers in a person that I deeply Love, my ex girlfriend Matylda. I could see everything that surrounds her life (dog, house, family, car) but I could NOT see her face… the more I tried, I would allways see her face completely blurred… I was trying to influence her with the powers I feel (and specially in this moment knew) that humans posses but I was unable to.

It actually brought me down a bit this whole part of the experience, So I relaxed, closed my eyes and I started seeing like a three dimensional shadow of my self surrounded by a LOT of radiating colour. The whole sensation was very “wet” as if I was suspended in some kind of liquid. I was seeing from my own vantage point and It felt as if i could visualize the “field” that living creature generates while is alive. I could see all the colours radiating from that black 3D shadow of myself and I saw that beyond the light that was emanating from me there was a forest with a very large and beautiful tree that had sort of the same “living” field of color around it. There was as sense of oneness with everything and of interaction between the fields of living creatures. I could still feel the asterisk like figures but the reality vs mind debate was still unresolved, so I couldn’t really ask questions to them because of my uneasiness about their existence.

I remained for a bit with my eyes closed enjoying this precious view and then I returned little by little to my earthly reality finding myself VERY tired but sort of euphoric. The experienced left me deeply connected with the planet and it allowed me to experience other layers of reality that I had never felt before.

The Universe is WAY bigger and interconnected than what we can possible imagine.

by Leonardo