First Salvia experience 40x

October 28, 2015

Smoked this 40x for the first time today and on my own. WHOOO the first go I had was pulled from a gravity bong. It BLEWWWW my mind!!! I didn’t know who I was or Where I was. I couldn’t move and my mind was bending. Anyway I thought that, that was a little too much so after 10 mins or so I had another go with less amount and a small (homemade) bong. This time was great. After inhaling and holing in, I blew out the smoke and it hit me. I heard the TV from the other side of the room and feeling like I am wrapped in some kind of force I was drawn to the TV. the reason I later found out was because on the show the presenter was introducing someone onto the show.(which created a rise to the peak) With everyone clapping and the intense build up, I had to be there.(I actually stumbled / rolled)on to the couch. Once there the colours of the TV screen seemed to wrap around my whole body sucking me in. I felt so euphoric I thought I was in the audience. Complete crazyness and so unaware I realised that my left hand was reaching out and grabbing the band of colours that were surrounding me while I was so fixated on the screen.The colours seemed to have a soft texture, and my head was erging everyone I know to come and see this. Very good stuff but to me it seemed over in seconds.

by Steve