In a twirling world

October 28, 2015

I was with my boyfriend and his friend and we all decided to try salvia out. The boys insisted that I take the first hit, so I did; two huge hits from the bong. Almost immediately, i felt like the world was beginning to sway, and my last thought in this world was that my boyfriend and his friend were laughing at me. After that, I sort of woke up, and I thought I was on the floor and had passed out. I kept getting that feeling of smacking against the ground that you get when you fall. By this time, my boyfriend and his friend had taken hits too, and I remember following them out the garage door and into the garden thinking it was a forest. After that, I completely lost track of my surroundings, and the entire world began to look sort of like a carousel on its side, and it kept twirling, and each time the colors changed I felt like I was being slammed to the floor again. I lost all track of who i was, and all I remember was feeling tired of living in the twirling world, and feeling like my only purpose was to keep getting slammed into the floor.

At that point, the carousel-ish vision shifted and became a tunnel of colors, and I was spinning with it, kind of like in a funhouse. I saw my boyfriend at the end of the tunnel, and thought that if I could just make it to him the spinning would stop. I tried to move towards him, but it seemed to take a lifetime to move an inch, and i felt like someone struggling against a current. When I finally got to him, I held onto him, but he was in his own trip and didnt really grasp what was going on either. Somehow we figured out how to get back into the house, and my boyfriend’s friend was cracking up, and I started cracking up too. The trip was starting to fade a bit and I could sort of see my surroundings around me, although the feeling of spinning didnt go away. I couldn’t stop laughing, and I remember looking in the mirror and my face being beet red. I was afraid that it would never stop, and I wanted someone to call the hospital because I was afraid I was going to die. At this point, I still didnt know that I had done salvia and that that was the origin of all the weirdness. My boyfriend led me to his bedroom, and we both laid down, but once I was lying down the twirling tunnel started to come back, and I remember looking at the stickers on his mirror and trying to hold onto them with my mind so that they wouldn’t spin. I realized that I was on a drug and began coming down.

Salvia was a great ride, and made for a great story, but my advice would be to always keep it in your mind that youre on a drug, and have someone sober around to make sure youre okay.

by Kendra