Salvia experiences I want to share

October 28, 2015

First Experience:

One day I went over to a friend’s house who owned a pawn / head shop. He handed me a small vial of salvia and told me that it was supposed to make you trip, but it didn’t do anything to him, and he wanted me to try it to see if it worked for me. I smoked some and felt physically lighter, colors got brighter, and sounds got louder. I felt tingly and it reminded me of ecstasy, but much, much milder. Only lasted for ten minutes.

Second Experience:

About a year later I was at my cousin’s house, and he told me about this “stuff” you add to pot to make you laugh like an idiot. Once I saw the
stuff I knew it was the same stuff I had smoked a year before, and got
excited. I packed a very large bowl. I didn’t know at the time how
powerful salvia truly was; only knowing what the first experience did to
me, which was very mild. I went into his bathroom and took a very large
hit and held it. I don’t remember ever exhaling. The room around me
vanished, and I was standing on a beach surrounded by people smiling at me. I could feel strong waves of gravity pulling me north. I could feel
the water washing up on my feet, in the same direction as the gravity
waves which pulled at my entire body. I didn’t know or recognize the
people around me, but I had a distinct feeling like I was related to them.
They were all smiling at me like they knew me and were waiting for me.
Then a man, shorter than me, walked up. He had almost digital, surreal
looking light rays coming out of his head. I didn’t recognize him, but he
was smiling at me too. Then I came back, and my cousin said all I did was walk around saying “Oh my God!!” over and over. I knew I had an out of body. It was not simply a chemical induced “trip”. It was all physical. It
was perfectly real. The feeling of gravity pulling at me lasted for a half
hour after I cam back, and my skin felt sun burned for about an hour.

Third Experience:

After the second experience I found a herbal shop that sold it and talked to the owner. She said it was NOT a party drug and that it indeed made you have an out of body experience, and that shaman used it in rituals to contact their ancestors’ or spirit guides to obtain knowledge. I purchased some and then went home to try it again. I was alone in the house. I knew that I was a “mover” on the stuff and prepared a space for me away from anything harmful to my physical body while I was out of it. I sat in my favorite chair and took a big hit and set the bowl down quickly and held the hit, waiting to slip out. Again I don’t remember exhaling. Before I knew I was even out of this dimension, the world started curling up around me like a scroll. The walls melted, and I could see the college across the street from my house, then the neighbors’ house, and then everything else around my house. The walls were gone, and the earth, and all its buildings and trees were all being rolled up. Then some “person” told me to lay down in the center of the scroll. It was like a giant spinning broom, pulling in everything around it. I could feel the bristles trying to scoop me into it. It felt like I was nothing more than a brush bristle, and that all my life on earth wasn’t real. I saw my sister get pulled into the scroll and she was gone forever. Everything around me was being smushed flat like a sheet of paper as it folded into the scroll. Then I saw and heard a multitude of people in the distance assembled in a rectangle space, like an audience. They were all cheering like it was the greatest concert you ever experienced – times infinity. There were so many of them they were just a moving mass of green (palm leaves?). The cheering I will never forget. Countless multitudes cheering at once with absolute joy and excitement. That’s when I noticed that the world was gone, and I was in outer space with stars in the distance. I felt like I was being thrown away by God. Then I looked away from the crowd and saw the person I saw on the beach (the second experience) with the light beams coming out of his head. Only this time, it was just his head, and it was as big as a planet. He was looking at the crowd and smiling at them, and they cheered with
delight at him and at all that was happening. I could see his giant hand
moving past as he personally rolled up the universe, almost translucent
and crackling with silver energy. He wasn’t looking at me, I was being
rolled up. I said “NO!” in absolute horror, and he replied “YES!” as he
continued to try and roll me up. I said “NO!” again, to which he again
replied “YES!” again. It was the worst feeling I could ever imagine – to
suddenly know that your entire life meant nothing. That all your hopes and
dreams and fears and laughter and pain were just a “show” or “lesson” for others to watch and learn from. I felt like a stage prop being thrown away
after the show, and I knew that if I entered the scroll I would never be
thought about again – It would be like I never existed. I fought against
the gravity and started to walk away from it saying “no, no, no” and as I
walked away through my living room I came back to this reality. This
experience messed my head up for over a month. I could feel no love or joy in life for over a month. All I could think about was that God hated me
and he was going to throw me away like an old light bulb when I die.>[?

After this I said I would never do salvia again, but at the same time, I
felt like there was still more to see and learn from all this. Like I
couldn’t let that last experience of being thrown away by God be the end
of my travels and learning “out there”. I had to know if it was really God
telling me the truth of my existence (that I am fucked) or if it was Satan
or a demon messing with me – making me think my relationship with God was all wrong and I really wasn’t saved by Christ at all.

Fourth Experience:

After a few months passed since the third experience (after I felt like me again) I decided to try it again. I was in my room, and took a very small
hit. My wall started to peel back and I could see what looked like pages
of a book, each page being an alternate dimension. I could look into each
dimension as they flipped past me like pages. There were infinite pages.
Then I felt the gravity waves pulling me away, and hundreds of happy
voices telling me to “come on!!”. They were riding the energy waves around the universe like a roller coaster at a theme park, and wanted me to leave this place and come with them. I started to feel like the giant head was coming, and I was expecting to see him at any second, and I forced myself back out of it, for fear of him.

Fifth Experience:

This was the last time I did salvia. I sat in my chair in my living room
and took small hit, afraid of taking too big of a hit and leaving my body
completely again for a long time (like I did with the scroll experience).
As soon as the waves came in, I could hear the voices telling me to leave
this place. That this “world” or “dimension” was not mine, it was my
sisters. They were all saying “Come on!!!” to me again… as they rushed
past me riding the waves of energy around the cosmos. I will never forget
them saying “this is your sister’s “place”, come with us”. I came back
quickly because of the small hit I took. It was just enough to slip out
for a minute, which is all I wanted.


There is much more to our existence than this physical world. Every time I
went back “there” it felt like that dimension was “the real” one and this
physical world was the dream that we all needed to wake from. Not for the easily rattled. Not for partying or getting high.

To the loser assholes whom I have seen on youtube giving this stuff to
unsuspecting people and video taping them – thinking its funny – you all
need to have your faces beaten with my fist. This is not something to be
messed with lightly. NEVER give salvia to ANYONE who does not know exactly what they are in for – which is a full blown out of body experience.
Research first. Experiment second. Be kind to others.


by DJD