Somewhere over there…

October 28, 2015

Dear Salvia participants,

Well there is a saying: “pride goes before the fall”. Salvia has truly humbled me. I have “tripped” in the past. LSD, MDA, mushrooms of all kinds. And in large amounts. I’ve been truly in a waking dream, but salvia is like being shot out of a cannon into another reality all together.

So for my first time, I decided to read up and find out about it. Thought it was
interesting, but growing up in the 70’s, we did some serious acid. I thought these reports must be from kids that don’t know a real trip from a hole in their head.

What do I do? Go buy half gram 30x. Now I know the Net said to make like 16 or 20 hits out of a gram. I asked the lady at the shop where I got it. She recommended taking the half gram and making 4 hits. My first time, what do I know? Trust the friendly lady at the head shop. Ok, got my salvia, now I know I’m told I should have a sitter. Wasn’t going to follow that advice either, glad I did get a sitter now. Do the same.

So nice easy music was playing, jazz I believe. I was sitting in a big comfy armchair and looked at my new pipe. My buddy is just going to sit in the next room with his girlfriend, and peek at me from time to time.

Ok, I actually took a little less than the 1/8 gram. Filled my bowl, put the lighter up to it and drew…… I do remember putting the pipe on the table in front of me. I was going to lean back and do whatever, but never got that far. I remember clearly the sensation of the smoke in my lungs. Tingling, lightning energy, and then the world just tipped sideways. I had actually fallen on my side on the floor. I can remember this pulling sensation inside of me, like my soul was being pulled at. I didn’t care for it at all. Then I don’t remember about 2 minutes. My buddy at this point looked in the room and saw me on the floor. He said I asked for help and then started talking in a language he didn’t know.

I only speak English. I don’t remember that. The next thing I do remember, is my friend and his girlfriend are trying to pull me up. He has my left hand and is pulling me. I feel almost like I’m underwater. But that’s not it either. But I see my hand in his, I recognize he is trying to help me, but I have no idea who he is. I turned to “look back” and where I was. It was sunny outside, because I remember the blue sky. And I wasn’t me. I was a small child, and had fallen outside and was being helped to my feet by my big brother. But as I start to stand, I’m now slipping back into this reality. Again it was like I was being pulled under water, with this reality on top, and where I was beneath the surface. And being left with this overwhelming feeling I’m being watched from the other side.

I took a few minutes to come fully back, but once I was on my feet and back in the chair I was in the driver’s seat again. But for a few minutes there, I wasn’t. I do have a newfound respect for what nature has for us mere mortals. To leave us treats that let us see as gods, if even for a moment.

So, I do say to anyone trying the first time. Follow the dosage guidelines you’ll find on sites like this one. Not your local head shop dude. Do not be cocky or do it just for kicks. Treat it with respect, and I think you’ll have a wonderful experience.

For the record I have tried it again, smaller dose and smoked a little pot to loosen my mind and get ready for the shock. Because the change is so sudden. That is part of what caught me off guard. With any other psychedelic there is a period of change where the effects come on slowly. Salvia is going from one place to another. Hey, now I know what it feels like to be transported just like on Star Trek. LOL! Beam me up salvia……….

Pleasant journeys,

by Graniteyes