A wheel of colors

October 28, 2015

I have used salvia several times and had a wide variety of effects, but none compared to last few times I have used it. I began at a lower extract, 10x I believe and had many extremely strange sensations. For instance, times I felt like there was a waterfall of teeth pouring out of my mouth. One time, my entire room seemed to be given a voice and sing to me (in fact, my bong had its own voice and its own solo in the song). The most serious time it had affected me, I had taken three hits, then walked outside and talked to my friend’s dad (I acted extremely well for someone on salvia as he didn’t find anything out). Before these last times, the trippiest closed eye visuals I had had was what seemed to be me on a rollercoaster-esque machine flying through a dark tunnel filled with all sorts of patterns.

The last time I purchased salvia was a small case that contained a gram of 45x salvia and I got it the night of my birthday. I had also planned on doing acid that night, and had not actually received the salvia until I had already taken the acid (only a few minutes before however). It was my first time doing acid, so I did not know what to expect, however I was soon to find out that the salvia was what was really going to make my night.

About half an hour after taking the acid I smoked a rather large bowl of the 45x and sat bag, handing the bong to my nearest friend. The room was filled with people, drinking, smoking weed, partying. I held in the hit for about forty seconds and as soon as I blew the smoke out, I fell backwards, through my chair, into what seemed like complete blackness.

After a few moments, a large colorful wheel was illuminated in front of me and what was blackness around me shifted to a bright, cool blue. I could feel every part of my body but I didn’t recognize the feeling. From what I could tell, I had now become a part of this world and that the old reality was no more, and as cliché as it sounds regarding salvia trips, I felt as if I had awoken from the dream of reality to this new strange world of color.

The wheel of colors was the supreme entity in this universe, though it was made of several smaller entities. It was a multi-layered wheel, each color in rings almost like a circular rainbow. Each wheel had a large spoke jutting out with flag-like extensions of the same color at the tip of the spokes. Each color communicated to me separately, yet at the same time. I spent what seemed like an eternity in this world, unaware of anything else.

Suddenly, the wheel faded from view and black strokes began forming on the vibrant blue background. It was as if someone was drawing something in front of me. Suddenly the drawings formed together into a large grey-ish green ping pong table. My first thought was, “What the hell? Why is there a ping pong table here? This isn’t right.” I was then thrust back into reality, landing back in my chair, all of my friends appearing around me. My first question was, “Where am I?” and after a few moments of recollection I discovered that it was my birthday.

According to my friends who were there, my trip lasted 15 minutes and throughout the 15 minutes, my eyes stayed open, consciously looking about the room. I guess I scooted my chair slightly back and forth several times with my body, always returning to the same spot. The most embarrassing part was I guess I was drooling most of the time, but we all got a good laugh out of it.

The next morning, I finished the gram with my best friend, and after the first hit I returned to the same world I had been in the night before, though this time instead of the ping pong table coming into view, the universe began to fold inwards in the shape of my friend’s face, then he started speaking. “Lean back, don’t worry, it’s all good.” I guess I had started leaning forward really far off of my chair. As he tried to lean me back I became aware of a constant stream of energy moving behind me. I felt as if this is where I was destined to be, but I wasn’t ready. I felt that if I were to fall into this stream that it would be the end. I would never be home. My friend pushed me backwards into the stream and I was whisked away, though as I was flowing, my hand caught onto something extremely similar to the spokes I mentioned earlier, and as that wheel turned, it pulled me back into reality.

My friend and I spent that entire day smoking that gram. It was a great day, a lot of trippy shit, though we started loading mixed bowls of salvia and weed (very fun). Bottom line, salvia is the trippiest shit I have ever experienced, and I would recommend not to do it around many people, especially those you don’t know, and definitely don’t mix with acid. As I had returned to reality, the acid kicked in. Fun, but hectic.

I can’t wait to buy more salvia.


P.S. When I mixed salvia with weed, we played Burnout Paradise for the Xbox360 and the tv ended up following me down into the bed, though I was still aware of myself playing the game the entire trip. The game looked trippy as hell and it appeared as though the cars were moving slightly out of the screen as I passed them by. Great shit.

by Joseph