“It’s time to go…”

October 28, 2015

I assume that my experience would be categorized under the fourth level of experience. I have vivid recollection of the feelings that salvia induced, as well as the visions I had. This experience has been a memory in my mind that has been toying with my heart ever since the first and only time that I took salvia.

I laid in my bed, packed one bowl in my pipe and took the biggest hit of my life. I held it in until the room started spinning and my heart started pounding. When I released the hit I slowly sunk into my bed–I remember feeling like it was sucking me in. The next thing I know my window is open–I significantly remember feeling the cool air on my body–then a man stuck his head through and quickly said, “It’s time to go.”

“Where?” I asked the man. He gave me no clear answer, but persistently kept telling me it was time to go.

Then, after I began to feel as though this entity was evil–mainly because of my intense fear–I began to see a huge line of people on a leash. They were connected together, bound to trees, and being taken by this man–one person I recognized was George Bush and this is not a political statement. I remember crying in my head because I was not ready to leave this world. I got out of bed, stumbled over the mess on my floor, and tried to reach my door. As I put my hand on the doorknob I looked back at the man, who was now halfway through my window, staring at me with an evil eye.

I thought that I was dead. I felt I had made the biggest mistake by denying God’s existence and the possibility of life after death. I thought I was being taken to hell.

When I finally got out of the room, I ran into the living room. The designs on my couch transformed into thousands of viciously biting dentures–it was bizarre. I realized I was on a drug and I wasn’t dying. I looked at myself in the mirror and slowly calmed myself down. I walked back into my room and the window was closed. Stuff was scattered all over the floor, I had stumbled around more than I had realized.

Ever since then I have been interested in occult like knowledge, such as transpersonal psychology, metaphysics, and the existence of God in general. I am bombarded with unique, but unverifiable ideas and theories. I find my thoughts controlled by a reality that I cannot physically perceive.

Could this be a direct result of my experience? Could my vision have been a genuine precaution of my future struggle with good an evil? Does this mean I am going to Hell?

by Jorden