“I could see into myself”

October 28, 2015

Last night my friend introduced me to Salvia. I smoked it in a pipe about 20 seconds after my other friend fired it up. I watched him fall back for a second then I went ahead and did it myself. As I was waiting for something to happen, I watched him lift his hands up and loose thought.

Then it hit me. I began to feel as if my body opened up and I escaped, yet I was trapped in a sphere which began to vibrate internally as well as externally. Every corner of my body, every crevice, every joint, all seemed to radiate escape. I could see into myself, see what I was made out of. My friend stood up and started to look around, questioning his surroundings. I began to follow suit.

I then began to feel as if I was created by myself, by miniature reproductions of myself, building up the supreme version of me. I could see my surroundings. Everything in my immediate existence was me. When my friend walked closer to me, I could see that he was created by miniature reproductions of himself. Little figures of him, all on each others shoulders doing acrobatic positions, holding hands and shifting positions as he moved. I could see it in myself as well. The “sub-beings” of him and the “sub-beings” of me interacted with each other through our minimal efforts of communications. Everything we did seem to be in sync with each other through our movement and speech. It was amazing.

As I went into the bathroom, I began to see that everything was turning into Victorian/European architecture, everything was purple, yellow, magenta, and I could see the walls and the ceiling were beginning to observe me. It was amazing.

I went back out into the main room, and the whole world seemed to be in accordance to my existence. It was fascinating. I picked up a guitar and I could lock into the music in the background. I now have a new song as well from the experience. It was like a dream.

by Jay