“Never before had I experienced such a thing”

October 28, 2015

First I will attempt to set the scene. A friend and I had recently bought a pack of 40x Purple Sticky Salvia. We tried it in my friends’ garage with little to no effect. I’m really not sure why, we took massive hits, but didn’t really experience anything. Last night, we drive to a park near my house to try it out again. After reading all of the trip reports on this site, we got even more excited to give it a second chance. We pack up a bowl and, again, take some pretty big hits, but all that happened is we felt really goofy, just like the time at my friends’ garage. Disappointed, we begin to discuss what might have possibly gone wrong. My friend even said, “all of those kids on [salvia.net] are lying about their experiences”. We had enough for one more bowl each.

This is when it all got crazy. My friend went first, he took a hit and I forced him to take another. He thought he was going to suffocate. By the time he exhaled the second one, he dropped the bowl and told me he needed to get in the car immediately. I got in to watch what would happen, and all of the sudden he just started laughing uncontrollably. I got back out, packed my bowl, and ripped the entire thing in two hits. After I exhaled, I turned and got in the seat of my car, and my friend turned on the stereo…

I was T-R-I-P-P-I-N’. Never before had I experienced such a thing. I remember taking my hat and folding it down over my eyes. When I did this, I could see nothing but energy, or what I thought was energy. At first, the music controlled to movement of the energy, like it was coming out of the speakers. But then it was just a sea of this powerful energy that completely surrounded me. It made me feel so good that I wanted to laugh to express how I felt. I laughed like it wasn’t me, it wasn’t Zak anymore.. it was someone else. At times, my friend would say something, but I had no idea what. I would lift my hat only to turn into my normal self and tell him about what I was experiencing, but suddenly my body would make me put my hat back down and submerge myself once again into the energy. After some time, I took my hat completely off because I thought my trip was over. I had the sudden urge to get out of my car. I did, and I started walking around. It was snowing, and I decided to leave handprints in the snow. Bad idea… I thought my hands had fallen off, but luckily I was coming down and realized they were still there.

After I had gotten back in the car, my friend and I went over each of our trips. We tried to explain what happened, but couldn’t find the words. I told him I think that I should keep my experience private, but now that it’s the day after, I knew I wanted everyone to know, especially those who had no luck their first time like me.

Buy salvia, take ENORMOUS hits, preferably more than one, and have fun 😀

by Zak A.