A massive smile

October 28, 2015

It was the first time I had ever tried Salvia and I didn’t really know what it was. I had always been a really big pot smoker and I thought to myself” Geez, after all those cones I’ve had surely one cone of this wont do anything”.. I was very wrong..

I heard my mates call out to me so I went down to their room and here is my mate sitting there with a massive smile on her face. My mate packed me one and said “Here, smoke this, hold it in as long as you can then blow it out..” he said “It will make you laugh uncontrollably and you feel absolutely warped for a few mins then you’ll come down.”

Here I am thinking ahhh yeah sure sure…. WELL… I pulled the cone and emptied the chamber, held it in as long as possible and as soon as I blew it out a massive smile came across my face and here i found my self absolutely laughing my head off. There was no way of stopping yourself from smiling, you literally had to pull your cheeks down to stop it, but you would just smile again.. after about a minute after we had all had one there was literally 4 grown adults rolling on the floor/bed.

Then after about 5 mins it started to wear off and still every now and then for up to about an hour after I would just have a little giggle to myself about nothing… I have never EVER come across anything az wicked as this. I had a tiniest feeling of Paranoia.. but as soon as my mate looked at me and said r u alright I just started laughing again… nothing funny was said to make us laugh because we were all so busy laughing we could stop to talk…

I suggest… If your going to do it.. either have a sitter you really trust, or do it with someone else.

I have also had a very bad trip. Shook me up quite a bit. Just because this is a herb doesn’t mean you can abuse it.. if you abuse the drug it will abuse you.. Mentally and physically!

Done responsibly, it leaves you with the most overwhelming feeling of happiness and makes you just want to hug the world!

Salvia is the best thing I have ever come across.

by Amy