This is what was really happening

October 28, 2015

Well, I got curious about it, so I bought some of the Salvia Zone “Red” stuff. I started reading the little booklet it came with and noticed that it was the third level of intensity. There’s green, yellow, red, purple, and blue, in that order. I’ve smoked pot before, but not any other drugs. I thought it would be pretty much the same as pot, except you hallucinate. My friends who used it said it just makes your vision vibrate, which now I know they obviously didn’t smoke it right.

So I decide to try it out in a little clearing in the woods behind my house, after all I didn’t want anyone seeing me drooling and laughing hysterically while staring into space, they’d think I was smoking crack or something. So I sit down, pack a glass bowl, and take a hit and hold it in while counting to 30 in my head.

Now, before I tried it I read about other people’s experiences on the Internet. Most people just saw things that weren’t there, and their vision was distorted. My trip was not like this at all. As soon as I blew out the smoke, I felt a high similar to the effects of pot. Then, all of the sudden, I blacked out. I forgot everything that had to do with reality. I forgot, who, where, and what I was. All I could see was blackness, and I was floating in the middle of it. My body was cut into sections, and I was one of the sections toward the bottom. The sections would all move together to create my movements in the real world. When I tried to move to the left, the other sections would move starting from the right and work their way toward me sort of like a domino effect, then we would all bounce back and stand up straight again.

I totally forgot that I had just smoked salvia, and I felt like I had just realized that my entire life was an illusion and it was all just this simple game made of these sections moving together to create my body movements. I was just trying to think the way that I used to and get back to reality. I felt like I was stuck, attached to something that went on for eternity, and soon I stopped trying to escape and just went with it. I let myself move along with all of the other cube-like layers that made up my body. I felt like I was being tricked all of my life and this is what was really happening.

I finally snapped out of it and saw myself sitting on the ground staring at my lighter saying “…oh my god…” to myself. It lasted about 10 minutes or so. I didn’t feel like I was laughing at all during the trip, but I guess I could have been without noticing it.

When the trip was over I was in a state of confusion, still partially thinking I couldn’t move because I was attached to something. I finally gathered my things and walked back into my house. My head felt funny and I just wanted to lay down until it wore off, which it did in about an hour. It seemed like while I was tripping, the whole trip made total sense but now I can’t even fully explain it or understand it myself. All I know is that I felt like I was taken out of a perceived reality and was shown what was really happening. It was a bit scary, and I guess it was sort of a bad trip, but I still enjoyed it when it was all over, and I will probably try it again to see what happens next.

by Kevin