My Spirit Became The World

October 28, 2015

Now I have smoked salvia about 2-3 times before, each time with a varying intensity, and I hadn’t actually tripped any of those times. This time, it was different, very much so.

My friend bought some standardized 10x extract at a smoke shop a little ways from my house, so we were eager to get home and try it out. We smoked it when we got home, and the only effects I felt were my eyes being hazy and things being extremely funny for about 10 minutes. My friend told me his experience was more or less the same.

Thinking this is what would happen again, I foolishly decided to smoke it again by myself in my room right before I went to bed that night, in an attempt to relax. I went into my bathroom, put a little pinch of it into my pipe, and took two nice hits off of it. I lied down on my bed, and on my wall, I saw a panda that appeared to be made of pure light. He began to talk to me, not in an audible voice, but it was as if he was communicating with me telepathically. He told me that if I went into the bathroom and smoked just one more time, then I would see the world as he did. I, in my weakened state of mind, of course agreed to his proposal and went into my bathroom and smoked one more time.

I laid that pipe down, everything went blurry, and before I could walk out of my bathroom, everything faded to black. Immediately I saw a spiral begin to form the world around me, as I was transported into what I suppose now is one of my old memories. I was standing beside my grandmother in a house I wasn’t familiar with, and I was a little boy, contently watching her wash dishes. Some water spilled down and hit me in the face, and it felt like I had just been hit with something that weighed literally a ton, as that evil spiral began to form again and everything faded to black once more.

I had lost all semblance of reality and saw nothing but what seemed to be a Non-Euclidean spiral forming the world around me. Everything was really blurry, and I soon deduced that the spiral had 11 levels to it. Each time I’d let go and let it take control of me, it felt like I was sinking to the bottom of a pool, and I’d have to madly concentrate to swim back up. Each time I would “break up a level,” it felt like I was coming up from out of water and gasping for air. Each point of this spiral didn’t have a single color, but more like each and every one of them was a painting, and they were forming together to create reality. Every time they would begin to build together and form the world around me, they would make a sound only describable as metal plates being dropped on one another.

As all of this was happening, I felt like my life had been nothing but an illusion and that this is what it really was. I felt like I had essentially died, because the price of me finding out about this spiral that encompassed reality is that I would have to release my spirit for it to become part of the spiral. This spiral that was forming everything around me was essentially a divine being, unquestionable and unable to be controlled. By this point, I was phasing in and out of reality. If I concentrated hard enough to get out of the spiral (which felt like I had become falling dominoes while I was a part of it), then I could phase back into reality and perceive everything normally. But the moment I stopped intense concentration, I would immediately fall back into that spiral, that being that encompassed everything around me.

At one point while I was actually in the real world, I went into my bathroom and became a stereo amp on the floor (one made for car subwoofers). I sort of phased in and out of that spiral while this was happening. As soon as I snapped out of that I jumped up and knocked over a coat rack in there made for shower gowns.

The effects were beginning to subside at this point, because I had gained back my ability to actually stay in the real world instead of becoming part of that god-forsaken spiral. I went to lie down on my bed, closed my eyes, and let the effects slowly wear off for the next little bit.

All in all, I’d say this trip lasted for about an hour, and for the effects to fully subside, it took about 2 hours. My advice to any of you who are interested in smoking salvia for the first time or even those of you who have tried it already and have underestimated it’s power: ALWAYS have a sitter present with you to prevent you from hurting yourself, and NEVER smoke this stuff before you intend on going to bed. If you smoke it or whatever your preferred method and actually ingest this stuff correctly, it WILL make you hallucinate, and you most likely won’t be able to go to sleep until it wears off.

Have I done salvia since then? Absolutely not. Will I ever try it again? Maybe so, you never know what can happen.

by Caleb W.