Salvia trip experiences

October 28, 2015

I’d heard about salvia on the radio in Florida years, but didn’t think much of it. The effects they spoke of on the radio seemed not to be worth the money. Hearing that it was slowly being made illegal across the US, I decided to get a gram of salvia since I’ll probably never see it again once the politicians had their way. Plus, I’m keeping the package for a keepsake of the first and probably only time I’ll ever be able to legally trip.

First try: I smoked a small amount. I had the sensation of the walls rushing toward me, and I felt like I was walking through the floor. There was also a curious sensation of feeling light, as if I had hundreds of balluns tied to my arms and legs. I had muscle tremors, that made it feel as though the walls coming at me actually touched my skin. I found it hard to speak, and couldn’t walk well. I also had uncontrollable laughter. The effects went away after a few minutes.

Second try: Nothing much. Some halos around stuff, and hard to walk, but not much else. I figured that it had to be spaced out some, or/and that I hadn’t smoked enough at one time.

Third try: I wanted my money’s worth out of that little baggy, so I decided to see what a decent amount, half a bowl and about four times what I’d smoked earlier, would do. It was about midnight, and I figured I’d watch some TV and to see what kind of visuals it’d produce. I was thinking acid like. That couldn’t have been more wrong.

Less than five minutes after releasing the second hit, I think I lost consciousness for a few seconds. I was looking from side to side for trails or some sign that it was kicking in, when suddenly, I was sitting there with no clue where I was, who I was, or any idea why I was seeing what I saw. I could hear and sense people around me, but not see them. The living room around me was a hyperreal combination of every living room I’d ever been in. I had an intense feeling that everything I’d ever known wasn’t real and that I was witnessesing the end of everything. Then the walls begin to crush inward, and I KNEW that something had picked up the room in its hands to wad up like a scrap of paper on its way to the trash. I felt myself jump up and run to the door, jerking on it. Then it exploded and knocked me onto the floor (I’d fell off the couch) where I watched as the walls swirled inward and consumed me. The whole time, I had an extreme sense of dread, could actually ‘feel’ the things happening, and truely belived that reality was being thrown away with me in it. Then I blinked, and my living room was back. The visions quckly faded, as did the body sensations, and the sense of dread. It was about five minutes before I could stand up again. It was like an eight hour acid trip condensed into ten minutes, and the only time I’ve ever actually thought an hallucination was real for any amount of time.

I still have about half the baggy left. All in all, I’d have to say be careful with this. I’m experienced, but this was like nothing I’ve ever done before. In small amounts, it seems to be barely anything at all, but the hallucinations it can produce are so strong and intense that I could see newbies truly freaking out, with the only saving grace being that it doesn’t last long. I couldn’t imagine what it’d be like if it lasted hours like acid or mushrooms.

by Jerry