My Salvia Trip – Insanely Intense!

October 28, 2015

My first time doing Salvia was incredibly intense. I took a medium sized hit (For Me) of 20x Salvia, and held it in for a full 30 seconds.

A few seconds later, I started seeing fat fuzzy green and purple people with 7 arms, and no legs, running around in a green pasture that seemed to be floating in the air in front of me.
I was laughing my brains out for about 30 seconds at these fuzzy people, until my friends stood up and started waving their arms around trying to trip me out (Even though I already was),
I then started tripping the MADDEST BALLS EVER!

What happened was, I started floating around in an empty blackness (Space, but, with no starts or planets), and started seeing a big floating dirt island with a house on it. There were several windows
on the house, and I could see the people inside. The door to the house was open, but I could not move towards the house or anywhere in this ‘Space’. A couple more seconds later, I felt my brain split
into two halves and go outside my head, one half binded with the chair I was sitting on, and the other half floated away from me and I couldn’t reach it to put it back in my head.

A few more seconds later, I started seeing more fuzzy people, but different than before (I’ll post a link at the end of this paragraph of a picture I drew of what I saw).

The ‘Space’ That I was floating in was actually my head, and since my brain was no longer in there, It was just empty blackness. (This is where I was seeing the house and the fuzzy people). I then started seeing two
large flaming suns, except normally when you look at the sun, you see a big yellow ball with flames around it, I just saw the flames, and I saw NORMAL reality in the two Suns centers, I then thought I was a purple
parasite that was inside my head, looking out through my eyes and controlling my body.

But I did not feel in control of myself (I was not in control of myself as a Purple Parasite, or my REAL self.), so I just sat there, floating around in space looking at the house and fuzzy people.

I then felt like I was floating in water, and I then saw a large endless ocean inside my head. When I looked up in the “Sky”, I saw giant telephones that were talking to each other about how strange humans look.
I then joined in on the conversation, but I started a new topic about how why the sky is blue.

The Telephones said, “It’s blue because you want it to be.”. I found this very strange, and did not know what they meant. So I asked them why I wanted it blue, and they said “Make the sky purple.”, I replied “I don’t know how,…”.
They said again to me “It’s blue because you want it to be.”, i then understood what they meant, and then in my ‘Head’ I “Wanted” the sky to be purple.

The sky then turned purple, and the telephones said goodbye and floated away into the purple sky and through my Eye’s (The Two Suns).

A couple of ‘Hours’ later (Time went very slowly, Or, Fast? I don’t know, it felt like a lifetime though.) The water drained away through my mouth, and then I felt out of my mouth with the water, I then landed in my seat where I was originally sitting.
I then thought my trip was over because I felt normal, and wasn’t seeing anything anymore, so I stood up to stretch (I felt like a rubber band, I thought feeling like that was normal.), and then my trip ACTUALLY ended.

I screamed very loudly “WOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!”, as I was incredibly disoriented and off balance, so I fell over on the porch (I was outside.).

I stood back up, sat back down, and was amazed at what wonders Salvia can bestow upon people.

by Bryce