First Salvia Trip 20x

October 28, 2015

I had heard a lot about salvia. People told me it was legal and crazy! I only smoked pot and hash ’til this day. I have never taken other drugs. I had some nice cannabis experience where I ”saw” things in my mind, or I had a distorted visions. I thought salvia would be like this! I went in a store, I bought one little bottle of 20x salvia (there was only 10x, 20x, or 30x). I told myself that if I wanted to try, then I should try hard! In the beggining of the night, me and one friend (who has previously tried salvia and did not experience greater high than with a good pot) installed ourselves in a dark place, outside, unconfortable and dark, even a bit scary. I was a little nervous before I tried. I got out my bong, put the two thirds of the bucket with the salvia. I took one big hit, I held my breath. I sat down, and then my vision started to separate. Everything was going really fast to the left, but stayed on the same place. This feeling lasted about 3 to 4 seconds. Then, the feeling went crazy. It hits really hard. I started hallucinating. I couldn’t speak, couldn’t move, couldn’t remember where I was, what I took of anything else. But I didn’t care. I was blown by the hundreds of waves forming in front of me, in the parking. All identical, in changing colors. Like objects moving but letting behind them in a shape of a wave their main color. I was understanding a this moment matter and life like if they were those waves jumping at a non-changing rate one over the other. All other objects that I could see that were from the reality had their ”side” continuing on me. It’s hard to explain. I felt lines hitting me at the same waving rate. I had a VERY CLEAR physical feeling. On my foot and on my jaw and mouth, I felt lines hitting me. It was almost painful. When I was going a bit down, but I was still hallucinating (I could see a bit of my friend’s face) I was trying to tell him what I was seeing and how I hated the feeling of the lines on me. I stopped hallucinating quite fast. I was flippin’ I was very shaky, sweaty, and I wanted to go home, to bed and forget all about this experience. I was almost yelling that I will never do it again. My friend tripped a whole lot to, with crazy hallucinations. I tried again the morning after, just a little hit, to see if I had the same feeling, which I did. So, I will not do 20x ever again, I think.

Briefly, all I can say, it’s my whole body that hallucinated. It is the single most intense 5 minutes of my life. And when I say intense, I mean UBER-INTENSE MIND BLOWING EXPERIENCE.
Really, do it in a safe place, and give yourself to the experience, to try to fight it like I did.

by Antoine