First Time

October 28, 2015

Well, so here goes. I’ve used Salvia a few times but never really got an intense high. The only “intense” experience I ever had was about 5-10 minutes of uncontrollable laughter with mild visual-hallucinations. However, this last time I did it, it was different. I took two big hits and handed off my glass pipe to my friend because I knew that I would become a little uncoordinated. I was making my way from the patio into the living room and I was already unsteady on my feet. I remember looking down at the carpet and thinking that the patterns were pretty amazing. I have no idea how I actually got to the couch because by that time, all of reality had disappeared. I felt unconnected, not entirely sure of where or when I was. I could vaguely hear my friends talking. I wanted to reassure them and tell them that it was alright, because I thought that they thought that I was going insane. But I couldn’t bring myself to speak. After what felt like a few seconds, or a thousand years (I had no sense of time) I opened my eyes. Everyone in the room had disappeared except for one friend of mine. She was trying to tell me something. Except we weren’t in a room anymore. We were in a tunnel that was yellow with concentric dark-green circles going off into infinity. For me, this was “reality”. As I looked at my friend, all her colors disappeared and she became part of the tunnel, stretching out and joining the the circles. All of reality appeared to be spinning around me with me at the center. After this, I think I started coming down, and the I felt something even stranger. I experienced “trails” just like in an LSD trip, except it wasn’t visual. My entire existence was “trailing”; I felt like I was existing at multiple points in time, stretching from the past to the future. Eventually I came back to reality and I looked at my friends and I asked them if I had acted strange. They said that I was pretty peaceful and laughed quite a bit once or twice before telling them that “they were going to be really embarrassed”. I’m not sure what that meant. Anyway, that was my experience. Looking forward to my next one!

by V.S.P.